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Monday, April 6, 2015

Dick Morris Predicts Hillary 2016 Loss? Fox Gets Ahead Of The Democratic Primaries

After the 2012 elections and Mitt Romney's pitiful concession speech, Roger Ailes, Fox News chief propagandist network president, ordered his Fox News managers to remove Dick Morris and Karl Rove from their shows (for a time). Why...because both predict overwhelming wins for Mitt romney and both conservative money hounds had their heads in their wallets instead of the reality of a very flawed GOP presidential candidate.
Dick Morris was spectacular in his false punditry. O'Reilly (of course) and Morris positing doom for President Obama with a Romney win "in a landslide." 

Fox News's 2012 contract with Dick Morris was like most for service contracts; compensation non-public. No matter the level of compensation, Fox News wasted a compensation package with Morris's punditry. Most networks would have recoiled with "professional egg on the face"; not Fox News.   

Advance to 2015. You know the story. Fox News hand Morris over to "former Judge" Pirro to predict doom should Hillary Clinton seek the Democrat Party nomination.

MORRIS: She’s hoping that it goes away. She’s delighted that Elizabeth Warren’s not going to challenge her at this point, although if O’Malley does well in the polls, I wouldn’t bet on Warren staying out, and she’s hoping that this thing just goes away through time.
But I think she’s missing the point that as she accumulates negatives and as people trust her less and less, and the deadlines loom for other people to get into the race, you’re gonna have a vacuum here with an irresistible force pushing the Democratic party to having an alternative to Hillary. Because if she goes down over this scandal, which I think she will, it’ll cause enormous losses in 2016. Not just the presidency but mammoth losses in Congress and I think the Democrats have to be very worried about that taking place.
The visual....

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Fox News management knows Morris's punditry is nothing more than carnival narking for Pirro's viewers. He offers moments of feel good viewing with no basis in fact and no regard for his lack of past credibility.

Dick Morris in 2008!

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