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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Estate Tax Repeals Gives TOP .05% A Real Smile

Fair Economy
April 16, 2015...A day of GOP Legislative history that should awaken voters from their almost cult-like devotion to the GOP, despite overwhelming evidence the party is not the party of the "common" people. Boehner's House of Representative repealed the Estate Tax, thus awarding the nation's 1%(ers) A $269 billion windfall (CBO figures).

Let's take a quick look at the financial impact of the GOP hand-off to its major constituency. Sometimes reports make much more sense with images that deliver a message.

On April 16th, Lefteous Indignation published this Facebook post.  How apropos?

The thing about republicans is that they tend to be vewy, vewy quiet when they're adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit. You remember the deficit? The thing republicans say that they don't want your kids and grandkids to pay for? That deficit.
Source: MSNBC

US voters continue to vote to place republican in office when there is no factual and rational reason to do so. It is not the party of the fiscal conservative, It is not a fair an balanced social engine  (during times of significant demographic changes),  It is a party that is openly espousing war across the globe and it is the party (almost exclusively) of guardians of the Defense Industry. I posit voters who religiously support right-wing candidates have fallen hook and sinker for extensive and pervasive social paradigm from the Nixon and Reagan years. In addition to Reagan's trickle-down/supply side economic policy (that never trickled), he (and Nixon) also instilled a blanket and thoroughly set of privileged e social values across many Americans. These people who vote against their own best interest to cast a GOP "social vote."

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