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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fox News Rivera Fulfills His Mission; CNN Stumbles; O'Reilly's Diminution Of Journalism

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Credibility Deficient
Stewart on CNN Correspondents Coverage, but not Baltimore
Stewart on Wolf Blitzer Baltimore takes
Stewart CNN Doing what in the streets

Yesterday, we joined many social media sites in posting a piece regarding what I personally feel was yet another attempt at Fox News subterfuge. The network is about false and political messages as via exhibits for its suburban high-end baby boomer/span viewers a less than " (Fox News)decent" exhibition via a street protester. The audience is key and the audience for Geraldo's subterfuge might have found his deed newsworthy. Fortunately, many social media sources regarded his excursion into the protest as yet another example of Rivera as a lost Fox News neo-conservative operative. The visit to the protests (area) seemed without any productive purpose.

Other television media did not report the interaction. For reasons probably attributable to protocol, both CNN and MSNBC avoided reporting on the Rivera subterfuge.

The TPI piece from yesterday, here

Rivera will now traipse through various Fox News shows with his sad and politically focused message.  As a back drop of what you are about to see, hear and read from Mediaite, think about the comments the young protester handed to the opportunist neo-conservative. 

Mediaite headline a Facebook post regarding Geraldo Rivera surreptitious foray into the Baltimore protest as follows: Geraldo Rivera: "Youthful anarchy!"

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera nearly got into it with a protester last night as he was trying to interview Maryland State Senate Majority Leader Catherine Pugh in the midst of the Baltimore demonstrations. On Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, he noted the man’s “passion,” but also said he was getting in the way of an important story.

“They were so filled with emotion and passion and misguided anger, I didn’t want to, you know, go overboard,” Geraldo said.

“But he was becoming so truly annoying and obstructionist. I had an important story to tell standing there with the state Senate Majority Leader after the night they had seen here on Monday. We were worried it would become that on Tuesday. It’s exactly that kind of youthful anarchy that led to the destruction and pain in that community.”

Geraldo went on to praise the mother who disciplined her son in the midst of Monday’s riots, and said that there would be “fewer Freddie Grays” if there were more parents like her.

“The enemy is anarchy,” he said later in the segment. “The enemy is broken families. The enemy is people with a sense of desperation or frustration that they take out on the innocents.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

Rivera on Fox & Friends....An opportunist fulfills his role of finding an labeling a protester with the word "Annoying." The young highly intelligent protester as "annoying" leveled an accurate depiction of Rivera and his network. And the criticism should also have a place with CNN. After buildings burned the former credible news giant CNN dispatched all hosts to the region of the unrest.

CNNs Erin Burnett illustrated the full extent of CNN news hosts with her 'rushy-rushy" style of hosting via labelling a moderate church congregation town sorority meeting as a meeting replete with gang members: Linked.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin pulled a real dud with her out of the twilight zone labeling of vets who become cops as, in part, a contributing factor to cop abuse and killing. Where do CNN hosts come up with the nuttiness? Is this what happens when they are released from tightly produced in-studio scripts? In other words, are these host absent critical cognitive skills inherent in competent journalist. Maybe, the operative words are "competent journalist."
Baldwin at her absolute worst.

 A day later....

After watching those two episodes of CNN gone "bad" a reflection of President Obama's Correspondent's Dinner remarks is most apropos.

Maybe Bill O'Reilly nailed-it when regarding Fox News and CNN....

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