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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gay Is A Lifestyle?

A screed from Friend of the TPI and manager of The Whirling Wind Dot Com, Benjamin T. Moore Jr. 

I have posed this question to people who believe being Gay is a lifestyle choice - as did I once upon a time - and as yet have never received an answer. Indeed it was my own self introspection which caused me to change my views on the subject of sexual orientation.

The question is this: Think back and recall the moment - I'll settled for just the year - that you DECIDED to be "straight." When was it? How old were you?

I thought long and hard and if I must say so myself, I have an unusual memory. My earliest memory is of an event that - according to my mother - occurred when I was 18 months old. Yet, try as I might, I CANNOT recall the day, month, year when *I* DECIDED I liked women. I have ALWAYS liked, been attracted to, loved women. Not once have I ever felt ANYTHING sexual for a male.

This of course posed a problem for me. If I have ALWAYS been attracted to the opposite sex, I have NOTHING in my toolbox to contest someone who tells me that they've ALWAYS been attracted to the same sex.

Perhaps I'm unique? If ANYONE out there can share with me when they consciously made a DECISION to be attracted to either the opposite or the same sex, this would provide a data point towards validating the argument that sexual orientation is a choice. Please feel free to share your experiences or opinions. Thank you.

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