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The Pardu
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Most churches are corporate persons."; "Most corporations are corporate persons."

Clear evidence some conservative millennials
also harbor bigotry (and probably its vile cousin racism)

"Most churches are corporate persons?"  Why then are churches free of a tax burden.

"Most corporations are corporate persons." 

Really, why then when a corporation produces a product or service that results in a consumer's death the management of that company doesn't go on trial for a felony murder. Rarely happens!

Watch Ed Schultz deal with a robotic misinformation laden Republican demagogue.

And, that is the only way to deal with a robot who has a mission. And, the mission he fulfills has been soiled by the very Governor who signed the repressive law.  Let, there be no mistake the Indiana law was not the same as the federal RFRA law and it was factually more potential repressive than other Red State religious freedom laws and non-Red States with such laws.  

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