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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Obama Leads From Behind! Putin Reaches To Seagal And Iranians Turn Vessels Back

Image via BuzzFeed...leadership!
Peace prevails yet again! Iranian suspected weapons naval transports have moved away from Yemen.

As the US economy improves and ObamaCare move towards greater acceptance and embrace after two years, US politics has turned to International Affairs and foreign policy with a touch of GOP jingoism. How many times have we heard, "Obama is weak" or Obama "leads form behind?"

As a matter of reality, I read a report last week that Vladimir Putin sought consult in easing relations with the Obama Administration via use of Steven Seagal. Why would Putin desire "smoother relations" with the Obama Administration?

There is no better example of conservative politicking where they feel they see vulnerability that this.....

Of all people Piers Morgan traipsed over to (of all networks) to lay his version of "President Obama leading from behind" on, of all guests, Sean Hannity! Yes, you read that correctly, Sean Hannity.

Has America moved to taken to measuring leadership based on not firing off bombers or stationing boots on the ground in harms way?

Earlier this morning, NBC News reported the Iranian Armada that steamed towards Yemen (with suspect weapons shipments) turned north away from the area. Why? Apparently, the Obama Administration "Leading from behind" orders of a naval group redeployment to the area created issues for the Iranians.

The thought of any generic Republican leading the nation during current times and crisis, is a shuddering thought. Putin is seeking smoother relations, the Iranians ill fated effort to re supply rebel forces in Yemen and no additional US ground troops deployed to another region of the world, leads to the prospect the US President is fulling a very premature decision to award him the Nobel Peace Prize.

While President Obama stirs and navigators on foreign affairs, the media, Fox News and GOP politicians are turning towards the tides of war. In early March polls among a representative group of survey respondents showed the majority favored US troops on the ground. Of course, the intellectually inquisitive and people who consider themselves "high Information" know Polls yield results from a specific group of Americans. When media reports "The majority of Americans support US boots on the ground", we know the verbiage should read:
"The majority of XYX Survey respondents support boots on the ground."
Alas, such a true headline would be far less likely to draw readers or viewers.

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