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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick Hit: Bill O'Reilly Goes Full Blown Pat Buchanan...Ratings Slipping BiIl? (VIDEO)

...Or Just unfettered racism?

The following is yet another shameful example of how Fox News corrals and entertain its viewers. Network managers have no reservation about allowing their chief purveyor of "white privilege" run a muck with white nationalist propaganda. 

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”
Talking Points Memo
"Working Americans are still struggling to make money in the marketplace and our traditional American values are under siege nearly everywhere. If you’re a Christian or a white man in the U.S.A., it’s open season on you. Therefore Hillary Clinton has an advantage," he said on "The O'Reilly Factor."

The "Fox News Effect?" 

In the wake of Marco Rubio's announcement of a 2016 primary run, Media Matters published a piced that delineates another Fox News dynamic. The Murdoch network's utility in promulgation of all things GOP. Would it surprise you that GOP strategist may take into account strategy based on the 24 hour news cycle and specific shows on Fox News?

Media Matters excerpt.
......the "Fox News effect, where Republicans are determined to reach the network's most-watched shows in the evening":
But is there a secret strategy to an evening announcement?
Mr. Rubio's campaign teams says there is: Having the senator take the stage and speak at 6:03 p.m. has two distinct advantages.

First, it allows Miami residents to attend his rally at the Freedom Tower after work -- no small thing, given the legendary traffic in this car-clogged city.
Second, it means Florida television stations will likely lead their evening newscasts with Mr Rubio's remarks. An added bonus: Cable TV will broadcast the announcement live at a time when most Americans actually watch TV, Rubio aides said.
"People happen to watch TV at 6:30," a top Rubio adviser said. "Only people like us watch cable in the middle of the day."
Political strategists also pointed to what they called the Fox News effect, where Republicans are determined to reach the network's most-watched shows in the evening.

Kevin Madden, who worked on Mitt Romney's campaigns in 2008 and 2012, said the 6 p.m. event "has the potential to drive live post-speech coverage during some cable news programs' top-rated slots."                                                                                                               Alex Castellanos, a longtime Republican campaign strategist, said, however, that the timing of a campaign announcement no longer mattered in the era of 24-hour social media.
"As long as Rubio drives Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly and engages the conservative community on the Internet, he will get the play he wants," Mr. Castellanos said.

Of Course, strategy is just that and the GOP is all about the message. They deliver messages very effectively and the follow with governance that is so far for effective it is almost comical. Unless, and of course, you are a Top 20% income earner for a US corporatist or uber wealthy dark money cash cow.

The message this election cycle will most assuredly not include any mention of the US economy. It will, on the other hand, include significant mantra regarding white American as victims or an endangered species. It will also include heavy doses of foreign policy and the word weakness." Weakness mantra from the GOP synonymous with Obama has not inserted troops into his own war, no will he support Israeli air attacks on Iran. He has not bombed Iran and he did not send troops to shore-up countries invaded by Russia. Lest we we forget, Obama is willing to change immigration policy towards a more empathic stance on people from our southern borders.

The US economy isn't available as a campaign item, so we will live with Fox News facilitating messages as that broadcast by what one can only call a nascent version of Pat Buchanan. 

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