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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rand Paul's Proclamation Via Jon Stewart And His Stumbling Campaign Staff

Our next installment of Rand "The Younger" Paul's proclamation for the GOP nomination via Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

As is often the case when Stewart and his team tear into a routine, it lightens our keyboarding load.

Next, we find Paul and his team remiss in digging deep for material.

Huff PO

Rand Paul Mixes Up New Hampshire History In Invoking State's Motto

Paul opened his first New Hampshire speech as a declared Republican presidential candidate in Milford, telling a crowd that "when the founders of New Hampshire came up with the motto 'Live Free or Die', they didn't leave a lot of wiggle room." 
But that phrase didn't become the state motto until 1945, and it wasn't a state founder who came up with it. 
Gen. John Stark included the phrase in a letter to fellow Revolutionary War veterans who had invited him to a reunion in 1809 — 130 years after New Hampshire became a separate British colony. Declining the invitation due to poor health, his letter included a toast: "Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils."
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Yes, I do recall a moment in the 2008 campaign when then candidate obama made an almost common mistake regarding the auto Industry. The comment related to US ingenuity and his comment that Henry Ford developed mass production of the automobile. Not true! Henry Ford developed one the very earliest models of the automobile, but founders of Daimler Mercedes developed the first mass auto assembly line. Mistakes based on faulty research and historic assumption are possible and do manifest.

However, when delivering the initial campaign announcement (proclamation), a "dumb" mistake indicates a lack of wherewithal in developing speech material. But, we know Paul's folks have a problem with developing speech material.

Comeback for the next episode of Rand "The Younger" Paul and his quest for the GOP nomination.

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