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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rand Paul's; Ray Bans Point To More Campaign SNAFUS

Rand Paul and the 1980s half turtleneck look along with his "I am cool" blue jeans below camera look is really not "cool sheikh".

Is this really cool? Paul really is running for a nomination of a party laden with Boomers, Libertarians and high-end Boomers.  Is it possible he thinks this look will draw more center leaning progressives?  Maybe, even appealing to minority voters? 
We have Paul in his Ray Bans and sporting Ruppert Murdoch.  Intriguing, eh?
As Paul's quest moves forward is it possible his team decided that a cool set of Ray Bans would add to the facade? Can you see someone as conservative as Paul with that Circa 2015 sheik cool look?

As a consumer product Ray Ban undoubtedly appreciate the purchase of sunglasses with a price tag well above $100.00. But, a consumer purchase is a different animal than a website post of the product with unapproved intent to sell! Imagine the Paul camp operating in such an unethical realm? Across the annuals of US history, I am not able to locate a similar strategy or tactic? Look close, and help recall any such tactic without prior approval of the product marketing department? Hasn't Paul had other issues with "prior approval"? Hint: plagiarized writings and speeches.

The new conservative sheik and his unauthorized campaign initiative (subterfuge sales)

You might ask how has Ray Ban reacted to the campaign "over-step."  

A spokesperson for Ray-Ban's parent company, Luxottica, told The Hill in an email that Paul's presidential campaign had been selling the sunglasses without the company's consent.
“After a formal request from us, they promptly removed the product from their site and agreed to cease any further use of our trademarks,” spokeswoman Jane Lehman told the publication.
TPM also reported the Paul Campaign declined to comment.  

Since, the GOP has shown a propensity to deploy the word "Imagine" where strategically advantageous. Imagine the temerity to continue to go "unauthorized" after being busted so many times with subsequent  pubic fanfare criticism.  Is the act of "unauthorized use" endemic to the Libertarian mindset and its very pronounced mantra: "Liberty?"

How is it possible for a campaign that aspires to seeking the US Presidency to post sales items on a its web site in such a manner. Members of campaign staff have a way of working into the White House inner circle. Do you recall Obama's campaign communications guy, Robert Gibbs? His eventual placement as White House Press Secretary didn't work very well. Paul's campaign team will take up offices in the White House as surely as he once employed the Southern Avenger.  What happens if Paul's obvious tendencies for "unauthorized or zany" smack up against the world stage?

Let's approach this debacle in another manner. Paul seems to have recently adorned the (very public) Ray Bans. The website sales post appears to have been a piece or recent work. What are we to assume? Is Paul deploying even more shifty maneuvering we have come to expect? Or, is the Paul camp simply absorbed with appearing uncharacteristically "COOL" they stumbled yet again?

I either case Paul's campaign is showing signs of "discombobulated." While not a surprise, as Paul is often "discombobulated", it is a serious matter that warrants case scrutiny.

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