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Monday, April 6, 2015

Snowden Meets Oliver: Leave Snowden In Russia

The TPI hopes Snowden remains in Russia!

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver accompanied a feat yet unaccomplished by the few media darlings who journey to Russia for softball interviews with Edward "The Honorable" Snowden.

None of us had prior knowledge of an upcoming interview with the Vladimir Putin protege. As I received word of the interview and Oliver humorous role on HBO, I felt little need to view the interaction. It seems I was off base to put it mildly. Oliver's interview was for lack of a better word testy" and probably generated a few tsunami like butt-pucker from Russia's prize guest.

The interview is 33 minutes in durations, so I'll move to the embed.  If you are thinking of not viewing the full interview based on Oliver's early seriousness, hang-in, it does to humor towards the end of the segment.

I need keyboard no additional remarks beyond positing surveillance and INTEL is the only weapon against the many surge killers who are seeking some sort of affiliation with rogue Islamacists.

I will add: Snowden is a narcissistic fool who after being released from his contract via the CIA, should never have been hired by a company fulfilling its mission under the auspices of the NSA. He proudly yelps that buzz word Liberty" like a spoiled Libertarian, but he offers false liberty when death of innocence is the price for his 'liberty."

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