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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some Progressive Millionaire CEOs Embody An Idyllic America

Gravity Payments CEO goes completely avant garde with super pay increase for some of his employees.

Building A Business With Values & Integrity

“We started our company to help our community businesses, because they deserve the same great customer service and low prices that big corporate businesses get. And we’ve grown our company by earning the trust of each and every one of our valued customers.”

Dan Price, Founder and CEO

What the heck is Gravity Payments?  As the name implies business payment systems.  

There is something gleefully progressive-like about Gravity Payments and Dan Price.

Earlier in the week MSNBC's ALL In host, Chris Hayes, interviewed Dan Price. The interview was both an existential non-common reality and a breathe of fresh air during times of corporatist oligarchs with DNA in the John Birch Society and casino moguls directing US politics and social indifference. They promulgate the epitome of privilege and over-the-top resistance to eliminating the wage gap and pay inequality.

Hayes and Price on ALL In....

Last night I ran across another segment on the highly unusual and uncommon devotion to customers, employees and a productive (and fair) business model.

ABC depicts Gravity Payments very well and adds a great touch with personal testimony and a quick hit of Nick Hanauer, billionaire progressive with a ;message: "Pay a fair wage, get more energized and happy employees, and it all feeds customer satisfaction."

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

No matter your social and political ideology, you must admit to difference between the two progressives depicted in the ABC segment and your conservative oligarch Koch, Adelson or any member of the Millionaires Donor Club

We offer a coupe of examples of conservative dark money ghosts from the 2012 election cycle. 

Exhibition II: Millionaire Political Donors Club: Where Are the Women?

Price, Hanauer and the few wealthy CEO progressives are a bright light in a room of complete darkness.

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