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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News's Kooiman and "No Women In Military Combat Roles"

Fox News...."No women in combat."

The following post is important for a couple of reasons. First, women in service to the nation via enlisting in branches of our armed forces is a wonderful and duty oriented act.  As a Viet Nam era Air Force veteran (who never served in county in Viet Nam) I dutifully respect any American our legal resident who joins our military.

Despite many horror stories associated with military service, I personally feel it was an honor to serve. Moreover, my duty laden affinity for military service also spans our non-military national security professional and agencies that work along with our military in protecting the sovereignty of the nation.  

Women in military service was not in any way common when I wore the Air Force blue. Yet, even "back-in-the-day" it was obvious the future all volunteer military service would include women in the thousands in non-traditional hospital roles. It didn't take an inner psyche of openness to diversity to realize times were changing and the military was no longer an enclave solely for men. 

Apparently, my lust for diversity and open, unfettered gender service to the nation is not shared by many on the Right. Of course, there is no entity on the Right more active in promulgating an aversion to women in combat than Fox News.

If you are a newsy sort and have watched the degeneration of cable news since 1996 (Fox News inception in 1996) you know the Fox News business model. It is the most successful current events politically slanted delivery system and it has a major influence on its core viewers. The network appeals high end baby boomers (average 65 years of age), married, and completely paradigm of all things conservative. I offer a glimpse. If an image (below) has signage, read carefully.

Not a very diverse lot, eh? And, indicative of a demographic who might actually believe women should not service in combat roles.

Over the weekend Fox News Anna (lotta leg) Kooiman hosted a segment with the continuing theme of no woman in US combat units. Kooiman's position centred around women in the combat trenches would be a distraction as a wounded woman could mean a wounded make fighter going unassisted. What?  We should also point out the network has broadcast many hours in discussion of women as potentially not as competent as their male counterparts.

Watch the segment and if the subject matter doesn't hold you attention, you could be a candidate for the second reason for this post. You might succumb to the hope Ms. Kooiman goes here with her strategically placed set seating. The second reasons: The obvious Fox News business model with ample shots of legs and thighs without regard for host cognitive processes and process oral communication. 

Th classic exhibit.....


If you find yourself distracted in deep anticipation of the show host, it is completely understandable; it is the Fox News way.

Kooiman and other Fox News hosts (predominately women) follow the Fox anti-women in combat script as dutifully as they follow a reported Fox policy of no pants on the set. Gretchen carlson.... (USA Today September 2013)
"Pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends, remember?" she told former co-host Brian Kilmeade on his Fox News Radio show yesterday. (We're guessing the rule only applied to female hosts, considering we've never caught Kilmeade or Steve Doocy in a skirt.)
If you can get past the fallacy of the Fox News segment, there is evidence women in combat doesn't necessarily equate to a diminution of readiness and fighting effectiveness. 

Kinessa Johnson - US Vet - Poacher HunterThe Ideal Revolution recently ran a piece about an Afghan War veteran who has taken to defending dwindling animal species from poachers. According to The Ideal Revolution Kinessa Johnson served four years in Afghanistan.  If the tours of duty actually totaled four years, that is well beyond a standard tour of duty "in country.

If you want to read about one clear example of a case that places Fox News's propaganda in perspective, read about Ms. Jonhson, here.

Kinessa's current service to humanity doesn't address Kooiman's specific point, but she certainly stands very tall against Fox News's position of "no women in combat roles."


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