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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The GOP Campaign Is Heating Up: Skirts Are Showing

When GOP politicians go about spewing venom regarding segments of the population considered outside of their 92% demographic. Yes, use of "92% demographic" was a convenient euphemism for total intolerance beyond the parities predominantly white male (aged) and married women population. It seems all GOP candidates with an exception for the non declared Carly Fiorina have spoken in various degrees against the LGBT community, same sex marriage and of late literal denial of access to public services (from private business owners).

Rachel Maddow ran a segment last night that reminds of the significance of a "political skirt " that cannot be tucked-away. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have declared their candidacy along with Ted Cruz. Both Paul and Rubio have staked position against the LGBT community that is now posing a GOP Primary problems. The primary campaign will force all GOP candidates to dance on one side of the social issues, with full knowledge they will be forced to "modify" their positions. If Paul wins the GOP nomination we will be faced with hours of Paul performing his now common, "In note sure, I'm not certain" or his all too frequent, "I did not say that."  

The candidates will tow the primary-line despite polling contrary to their position. 

Freedom to Marry 

Polling Highlights

Supermajority Support: The highest percentage ever of Americans – a 63%supermajority - back the freedom to marry as a constitutional right for gay couples, according to a 2015 CNN/ORC poll. This is up 14 percentage points from 2010, with significant increases by both Republicans and Democrats.
Non-Marriage States: Even in states without marriage for same-sex couples, a majority support the freedom to marry. A December 2013 poll from Anzalone Liszt Grove Research found that 51% of voters living in non-marriage states (at the time, 34 states) support marriage for same-sex couples. Support for marriage is strong in every region of the country - 59% in Central states, 53% in Western states, and opinion is split evenly in the South, with 46% in favor and 46% opposed.  
A Constitutional Question: A 2013 Washington Post-ABC News poll found that by a 2-to-1 margin (64-33%) Americans believe that this question should be decided based on the U.S. Constitution, not left to families to struggle over case-by-case, battle by battle.
Evangelical Millenials: Pollster and Former Romney Director of Data Science, Alex Lundry, found that 64% of self-identifying Evangelical millenials support same-sex marriage. 
Catholics: A New York Times/CBS News poll conducted February 23-27, 2013 shows 62% of American Catholics are in favor of legalizing marriage for same-sex couples.
African Americans: A national Gallup poll conducted November 26-29, 2012 found 53% of African Americans thought marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized officially and should have the same rights as straight married couples.
Hispanics: A Quinnipiac Polling Institute poll conducted February 27-March 4, 2013 showed 63% of Hispanic voters support same-sex marriage.
Republicans: A 2014 Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that support for the freedom to marry crosses party lines, with 40% of Republicans saying they support marriage for same-sex couples, with 23% strongly supportive. Among self-described moderates, support is at 64%, with just 27% opposed. A 2014 New York Times/CBS News poll found that 56% of Republicans under the age of 45 and a 2014 Pew Research poll found that 61% of Republicans under 30 support marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Despite the reality of it all, we will find serious "Etch-A-Sketching" on the issue. Let's watch as Rachel Maddow delivers a cogent and totally relevant segment regrading the most nascent of declared candidates and their squirming regarding same sex marriage.  As I listen to Rand Paul, I could not help, but wonder if he will ever seek a psychological remedy for his penchant to ramble through answers while making-up the comments as he speaks. 

Yes, Paul is an out of his element Chameleon who offers up same sex marriage "contracts." Rubio? He is simply lost in his devotion to US conservatism while feigning a younger political perspective and social outlook and paradigm. Yet, he harbors and preaches the same tired Paleozoic Era doctrine of his high-end baby boomer cohorts, money backers and conservative supporters.

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