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Monday, May 11, 2015

Alex Jones No-Showed ABC News (Surprised?)

Do you know Alex Jones?   
Do you watch his Info Wars TV show regularly? 
Are you one who seeks and absorbs conspiracy theories like butter on a hot piece of toasted bread?  How do you feel about Type A quacks who help to push the American psyche to levels of paranoia unfounded in US History? 
If you answered in the affirmative to either of the questions, now about yet another ad and more critical inquiry.  

Have you ever succumbed to the talents of a carnival barker, paid to enter the tent and quickly realized you had been duped? 

Alex Jones seems to have serious cognitive issues as evident in the following 14 minute segment with the former CNN Host Piers Morgan. The issues control after the Sandy Hook school shooting. You might prefer to skip through the segment as did I; over exposure to Piers Morgan and Alex Jones is tantamount to 10 minutes of Rush Limbaugh or three minutes of Fox News.

Skip forward to the spring of 2015. Jones joined a chorus of Texas politicians, media operatives and quack sycophant listeners and viewers in bemoaning the US military eight state summer training exercise Jade Helm 15.

Conservative media added a degree of impetus to the insane and paranoid dogma, GOP politicians honed in (for and against the story), and the story grew legs.  The story also drew criticism from both Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. ABC News apparently found some degree of value in attempting to book the carnival barker for a Sunday show appearance. Well, as with any barker, after the show, you will not find the barker on the right side of that tent opening. Jones "no showed after agreeing to the booking!

Mediaite also published a quick read piece about the No-show.  

We will update this piece as the day progresses as we are certain Jones will appear with some quack story as to why he no showed ABC News. 

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