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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Kill Mexicans and Muslims?

Kudos to If You Only News for their sharing policy and their frank down to earth screeds and information.

If you think American conservatism has reached its lowest level of decency, think again. 

Over the last two days, the media’s racially biased reporting has been center stage. When three rival biker gangs got into a shootout like something out of the Wild Wild West on Sunday, leaving nine dead and dozens injured, the media was noticeably quiet. There was none of the commentary that usually explodes after the black community protests. The bikers weren’t called thugs or psychoanalyzed — nope, the media just reported it like it was no big deal. When black people stand up against police brutality, they are lawless thugs with no redeemable qualities; but a bunch a white gang members who killed each other can be totally “retrained” to fight our enemies according to Fox News contributor Sandy Rios:
Police have their hands full fighting our real enemies, the cartels, the Islamists, and now they’re fighting motorcycle gangs? I find myself thinking, let’s have a little retraining for motorcycle gangs and put them on our side fighting our enemies. That’s what we really need. [Source]
First of all, notice that our enemies are all brown? Mexicans (cartel members) and Islamists (Muslims). No racism there at all! 
Secondly, cops only began to fight these fine upstanding thugs when they got into a fight in a restaurant parking lot and started shooting and stabbing each other in the middle of the day. Apparently though, these animals can be “retrained,” but African-Americans fighting against police brutality are a lost cause. No racism there, either. 
You see, these biker gangs are the “enemy.” They are a bigger threat to Texas than the cartels or make-believe ISIS members who the right wants you to believe have infiltrated the United States. The Bandidos, one of the gangs involved Sunday, is one of the biggest and most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the country. Not only does the gang sell drugs, but they have a long string of murders attributed to them. 
But they can be “retrained.” Okaayyyyyyyy. 
The right isn’t even pretending not to be racist anymore. They just open their mouths and it spews forth like an uncontrollable sewage leak.


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Does Sandy Rios have a contributor contract with Fox News?

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