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Sunday, May 24, 2015

ALEC On Camera; Actually HIding From Cameras

Do you recall this Mitt Romney responses to a heckler during the 2012 presidential campaign:

Yes of course, corporations are people (facetious) and the US Supreme Court added to that certainty via its judicial activist Citizen's United ruling. The SCOTUS ruled corporations have what only a conservative could consider Freedom of Speech. A state chartered entity with the sole purpose of returning a profit to shareholders has been given US citizen and rights formerly reserved for human denizens for the nation. A chartered organization that has no sense of sympathy, empathy, caring or rational thought will pay the CEO multiple millions in total compensation while at the same tie laying off thousands of workers to keep the P&L Statements presentable. 

The corporation's top executives can operate in ways you or I dare not consider. The entity will lie to advance the sell of products or services. Corporations have tax department to minimize its burden of paying US taxes. Increasingly, some corporations are moving headquarters to foreign lands to avoid paying a full share of US taxes (e.g. Burger King's HQ move to Canada): Tax Inversion. 

Only in America and then only via a conservative Supreme Court could such an entities evolve to Constitutional rights common to tat of its citizens.

Let's lay the corporations as an entity with freedom of speech same as you and me aside for a few minutes.

Have you every heard of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Of course, you hared heard of ALEC and you know thousands of US corporation have either past or current membership in the council. 

If you know nothing about ALEC you are probably a conservative who doesn't care that corporations wield significant power over elected state and federal officials. As with the vast majority of elected officials their number two driver is funds for re-election to their cushy legislative eats. We will not venture into the prospect of money as an impetus to elected officials as a number one priority. We dare not tread there in this screed, but we hope the thought is either via this post planted and reaffirmed.  

If you are still a bit fuzzy about ALEC, let's try another approach. ALEC is a membership entity that effectively crafts favorable legislation and hands said output off to politicians for introduction votes and enactment in the legislators respective governing body. What would entice a politician to assent to ALEC without deep consideration and act as its indentured servant? Need we answer that rhetorical questions?

Suffice it to say the following: "ALEC does not...
  • Fight for voting rights
  • Strive for human rights
  • Offer climate change legislation
  • Fight for raising the minimum wage
  • Develop strategy and craft legislation to raise corporate taxes
  • Work to maintain Social Security and Medicare as we know it
  • Work towards national health care reform 
  • Offer options for preservation of our National Parks name a few progressive or humane ideology/policies for handing off as legislation."

If you care to know of one national policy developed, nurtured and handed-off to state legislators by ALEC there is one such law you cannot help, but know well: Stand Your Ground legislation.   Could we convince you Stand Your Ground was inseminated to our state legislatures via the National Rifle Association (NRA).  

Since, we haven't touched on anything in this screed you did didn't know, it is time for a very basic question.

"Did you cast your conservative (or progressive) vote to place people in your legislature to become money targets for corporations. Does your representative sit with you and discuss, or better yet, craft legislation that you feel critical to your life or livelihood? Has your representative ever asked you how you view Social Security and Medicare? Think for a second, when was the last time your representative asked you how she/he should vote regarding defense spending? Watch the following news segment from an Atlanta area television station. After viewing the segment recall the last time you sat behind closed and guarded doors with ALEC? via @11alivenews

VIDEO EMBED after the break below

Your vote counts.  The next time you enter that polling place look around to see if ALEC has representatives there to hand you a cup of coffee and a donut?  

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