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Monday, May 11, 2015

Alex Jones Part II (When Credibility Calls, The Less Credible Wither Away)

Earlier today, we published this piece about Info Wars and chief Right-wing nut case Alex Jones ABC News No Show, on yesterday. 

As We developed the earlier piece thoughts of why Jones's would no show the segment certainly crossed the mind. You have to know the thoughts were answered with consideration of Jones, his phoniness, and his possible lack of interest in appearing on a credible network news shows. Why would a carnival barker expose his "game" to one who is well outside the scope of his sycophancy? The answer: He wouldn't, and he didn't!

Now what possible excuse would Jones deploy to cover his irresponsible no show? TPM LIVE ra this piece a few hours ago. "Dirty Tricks?"

More for Mediaite and ABC's perspective on the no show. 

ABC News Has No Idea What Alex Jones’ Deal Is

Conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones and ABC News are at loggerheads over how Jones managed to miss his appearance on This Week Sunday morning. 
Before a segment about Jade Helm, the military training operation Jones suspects is a dry run for the implementation of martial law, host Martha Raddatz announced that Jones had been scheduled to appear on the show but never arrived. Several hours later, Jones’ website InfoWars accused ABC News of “dirty tricks,”alleging that their car service had only arrived to retrieve Jones only 12 minutes prior to the segment. 
“That’s completely false,” an ABC News spokesperson told Mediaite. “That’s not how we operate.
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