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Friday, May 29, 2015

Body Cameras and Video Continue to Expose..... US "Copism"

".......And obvious white privilege!"

How about a case for cop body cameras? 

More important yet another validation of cop abuse that is virtually impossible to write-off as not having some level of inertia in race.  

I have posted two CNN videos.  If you after watching the segments actually feel the cop who arrested the pregnant woman was completely fair and void of heavy-handedness, please leave a comment.  Before you leave the comment, consider the possibility that in a different world, the pregnant woman could be your daughter, sister, mother, aunt or friend.

CNN Live

It should be noted a subsequent episode of AC360 included a two guests for on-air discussion of the arrest.  While I haven't been successful in location a video segment of the AC360's discussion, the segment included CNN's (nascent) highly compensated and contracted "The cops do nothing wrong" former cop: Harry Houck.

The former cop has become CNN's go to guy when the network promulgates segments that led to dissecting for ratings garnering disagreement. He also is famous for his "If the cops go to arrest you, quietly comply." Well, one would think after the many and the increasing number of case of clear cop abuse a television pundit would cutback on a bit of "Do whatever the cops tells you to do."  His comments leave the impression there are no bad or heavy-handed cops. He certainly cares nothing or the prospect the "BLOND" woman in the segment received a major gift of "white privilege." (3:02 minute version) (3:28 Minute version captioned)

Did you notice the "blond" privilege laden woman mentioned the arrested woman allegedly mentioned calling the police first. How naive of the pregnant woman to believe she would get a fair shake after calling cops. Yes, you are correct other CNN show host are using the body cam video for on air discussion...with no real purpose.  Don Lemon also hosted a segment with a an African-American Attorney and a former cop (expert) who, of course, espouses a position on the arrest diametrically opposite the attorney.  


Don Lemon Battles Ex-Cop over Racial Bias in Law Enforcement: ‘That’s a Bunch of Crap!’

Newly-released footage of California police officers wrestling a pregnant woman to the ground after she refused to show identification has sparked another round of outrage over racial bias in law enforcement. Things got a bit heated Thursday evening when the story was debated by CNN’s Don Lemon and an ex-cop.

The backstory: A Barstow, Calif., officer’sbody cam video shows him and a fellow cop taking down Charlena Michelle Cooks, eight months pregnant, after they arrived at the scene to deal with a complaint about her parking lot driving. The complainant told officers that Cooks had been driving erratically and punched her window during a dispute. The cops openly said there was no evidence of a crime, but proceeded to ask for Cooks’ identification — something which the ACLU says she can openly refuse to do in California. Shortly after she declined, the officers pounced. The resulting charges for “resisting arrest” were later dropped.
So how does the story have a racial element? Cooks is black, while her complainant is white. The officers did not ask the white woman to identify herself. And the local ACLU recently settled a case against the same police department for arresting two black men in a similar fashion.
For the CNN Tonight discussion, host Don Lemon was joined by attorney Areva Martin and former NYPD officer Bill Stanton.
“When speaking with the white woman, the officer actually tells her, ‘I don’t see a crime that has been committed here,’ so why even ask the black woman for her ID?” Lemon asked the former law enforcement official.
Stanton’s response: “Alright, let me tell you what’s disturbing to me, Don, first of all, labels: ‘White woman, black woman.’ By my metric, by my eyes, as a former South Bronx cop, and what I saw here, nothing to do with color.”
“Okay, that’s a bunch of crap,” Lemon fired back, “because I’ve been in similar situations where I have called police and the police go over to the white person and say, ‘What do you want,’ and the person says, ‘Oh, he called police,’ and, like, their whole world gets confused.”
“So, Don, your experience is indicative of every police interaction in America?” the officer asked.
“No, no, it’s not indicative, but yes, there’s some credence to that,” the host fired back, “Many times they will walk up to a scene and, depending on how they look, will act differently.”
Towards the end of the discussion, Lemon revealed how he would act if he were in Cooks’ situation: “Listen, I agree you should comply with the police officer, but if the law is you don’t have to, I’m not so sure I would want to, as well.”
Watch the full segment below, via CNN:
[h/t CNN Commentary]
[Image via CNN/screengrab]

While I was unable to locate the AC360 segment with Harry Houck "hawking" for the cop, Think about a few points. How many video segments have you seen showing cop over reaction to scenarios? Some end in death of the innocent (not yet proven guilty of a crime), battered (as per the woman beaten on LA Highway), and the rare 'raped' by a cop or by someone feigning cop credentials. Houck's comments about do whatever you are told to do, is a problem in an of itself.  

Total obedient subservience when accosted by a cop doesn't lead to the same reality for all Americans. Former Cops like Houck and others who frequent the airways of CNN, are to the person indoctrinated to: "Cops can do no wrong."

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