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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Facebook Post Leads To A Major "Pants On FIre"

Conservative operatives as busy as an ant colony. While somewhat perplexing, the closer we move towards 2016 t seems the busy the operatives become. 

Conservative activity in social media (in places where they were scant visitors prior to 2014), are now infested with conservative poster's and trolls. Mediaite is the perfect example, and you can trust the owners and managers of the site are leveraging ever available moment with catchy titles and choices of posts that draw those who lurk from dawn to bedtime.

The following meme is making the rounds on social media. The graphic may soak into the minds of some Americans simply due to the mention of Ronald Reagan. It will certain stand as fact to the vast majority of uninformed conservatives. The graphic is as much a fraud as the perception of Ronald Reagan as a great US President.

Pants on Fire!
Facebook posts

"During Obama's first five years as president, black unemployment increased 42 percent. During Reagan's presidency, black unemployment dropped 20 percent." 

Facebook posts on Sunday, May 17th, 2015 in a meme on social media


Was Ronald Reagan's record on black unemployment better than Barack Obama's?

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