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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fox News Caught Flat-out Lying!

Yesterday we were again reminded of a statement from Fox News's Bill O'Reilly. Shortly after weeks of revelations about O'Reilly's lies about on-remote reporting form various news hot spots, the Network;s chief bloviator sat with John Stossel.  "Whatever you say" Stossel was the perfect "bounce man" for O'Reilly farcical comments regarding O'Reilly and his producers claims of a diminution of US Journalism.   

While I find every word from Bill O'Reilly tantamount to that of a carnival barker, I must reflect on the prospect his comment has a degree of merit. O'Reilly is correct, the diminution of the profession started in 1996 with the inception and broadcast debut of Fox News. 

Watch.....O'Reilly laments 
in all self-serving splendor while feeding the minds of his sycophant viewers .

It only took a few weeks for Fox News producers and on-remote reporters to validate O'Reilly "prophecy."

The following report took place yesterday, in a city racked with protest and assertions of police abuse after the death of on an unarmed citizens who probably should never have been a suspect: Freddie Gray.

Fox News live....

It is important to keep in mind, the Fox News reporter clearly stated he witnessed the shooting.

Fox News's Mike Tobin vie The Daily Kos
"I was getting ready to do a live shot for my shift ... I was sitting in the car, scribbling on my notes for the next live shot, and he ran right in front of us," Tobin said. "I never saw the individual turn and do anything I would consider an aggressive act, but we did see the officer draw his weapon and I counted one gunshot."
The "end of the day" facts regarding the Fox News report is as follows:

Baltimore Police 
@BaltimorePoliceUPDATE: The reports of a shooting at North Ave/ Pennsylvania Ave are unfounded. Officers have arrested a man with a gun.3:28 PM - 4 May 2015
Sgt Joe Friday,, Dragnet, (1960s iconic TV show): "Just the facts Ma'am."

The day and the episode ended as such. 

Watch Fox News "at your service!"

The following is a snippet, albeit a bit discombobulated, of early reports from Fox News.

O'Reilly was correct and his comments hit as close to home as humanly possible. When network reporters and hosts wantonly lie to add flair to their reports, the viewer suffers and the professional denigrates. Since, 1996 television journalism has become the domain of information entertainment focused on revenue garnering ratings at the expense of credible information. Two cable news networks dominate the news landscape with segments running 24/7, while yet another turns its airways over to the prurient fascination with US prisons and denizens of penal institution: MSNBC.

MSNBC has its issues with its recent floundering around like a fish out of water based on Phil Griffin's edict to straighten the "Left Lean", but it retains a degree of professionalism in reporting. The network certainly makes mistakes, but I doubt we can find one instance where it via its staff is guilty of wanton lying. The opposite is true of both CNN and Fox News, with Fox taking the prize as the nation's top "yellow journalism" information outlet.

President Obama appropriately stated the case for non-journalist acting as journalist in his Correspondent's Dinner joke focused on the Saturday Night Live SNL host of the White House event.  

Entertainers delivering information (AKA news) with a decided slant towards sensationalizing reports does great damage to the nation. Fox News is the absolute worse.

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