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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fox News Takes Offense! (And the Story Continues)


Media Matters
BOOM. President Obama just called out Fox News by name for their awful coverage of poverty in America and for regularly pushing false stereotypes about poor people. Watch
Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
As is the case with any news organization Fox News responded with of all people Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus/Pepper Spray" Kelly. Was O'Reilly not interest in taking the first report to President Obama? And, certainly network executives wouldn't turn first shot over to Sean Hannity.

Megyn Kelly, Rosen Pile on Obama for Fox Swipe: ‘Beneath the Dignity of the Office’  
Kelly and James Rosen laughed at President Obama taking yet another shot at Fox News, this time on poverty. Rosen recalled an Obama White House “war on Fox News” years ago, and showed a montage of all the times the president has taken shots at the cable network (spoiler alert: it’s happened quite a bit). 

The president was without question within his rights and responsibility while exercising proper leadership in identifying a network  that has worked against the reality of poverty. Specifically, a network that has ignored growing poverty and pay inequity as a matter of business model practice.  

President Obama's comments have a deeper focus. His comments about Fox News, should be taken as a direct affront to the political party that Fox News represents. Members of the GOP often speak about how poverty under Obama has increased, yet not one member of the GOP has postulated on how to bring America back from the abyss of poverty and inadequate pay levels.

As I move away from this piece, I am reminded of a very cogent questions posed by a Facebook Friend:
TODAY'S QUESTION: Can you tell me five (5) things that the republican party has done for America that has had a positive effect for our economy in the past 6 years? Don't be bashful - step up to the plate and swing away!
Speaking truthfully about an issues that directly impacts the nation is labelled "beneath the dignity of the office."  I personally beg to differ. 


Earlier today Joe "$100,000 per week" Scarborough honed in to defend Fox News. Problem is, as the MSNBC mouthpiece was making a fool of himself, Fox News was doubling down on the poor.


Joe Scarborough comes to the defense of Fox News...

One day after President Barack Obama criticized Fox News for portraying the poor as lazy leeches during a poverty forum at Georgetown University, Morning Joe host...

How about today? Fox New producers unleashed its number one mentally ungifted morning host with this insanity. If decide visit the linked piece, be reminded of the reality less fortunate Americans some call the working poor. It is also important to recall $7.25 per hour for a single worker is just over the accepted poverty level.

Of course, Fox News opened for its morning viewers with an insult beyond comprehension.  Steve Doocy reminds of why he was best suited for work as a carnival barking mouth piece.   Fox News Host: "If You Don't Want To Be Poor," Get A Job (VIDEO LINK)

Media Matters added a page related to Fox News and its proclamation of offense about President Obama's remarks. Linked here.

The network is seriously shameless. But we must remember, Fox Is like any successful business. The networks gives its customers (viewers) what it wants.

One more Fox News item.....

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