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Sunday, May 24, 2015

GOP Operatives: Bush Tears, Legacy Lies Or Elections Strategy...Or AllO f The Above?

And tear-up he should! (Presidential Library)

When will conservative America resign themselves to the fact the Bush Years were a horrific period in US History?  Is it possible conservatives will continue to fight the factual legacy of George W. Bush until after the new millennium in 2099? Or, and probably more accurate, will the mission to cleanse Iraq from the minds of the US public subside after the 2017 General Elections? 

Conservatives are not people who possess extensive reach back memory. They seem to focus on the now and the recent past with almost unyielding rejection of memory back even beyond five years. When memory is coupled with denial another side of American conservatism emerges. The coupling strategic and focused efforts to offer propagandized lies often wrapped in books and always accompanied by television show appearances. Selling a book is a key requirement for all authors; delivering perception altering propaganda has a far more nefarious purpose. And, you have to know, your are the prey for which the propaganda predator stalks.

Noted Fox News contributor and George W. Bush Administration information predator and political ;pundit Dana Perino, has a book that is reported #2 on the New York Times bestseller list.  Ah, the money is flowing, but ;I posit the money is a far secondary impetus for Perino's Bush cleansing. 

Perino visited with Fox New's Megyn Kelly; what ensued was reported in detail by Crooks & Liars.

When you perpetrate a lie, you live with the lie forever. WMD was the lie, now conservatives should accept Bush wearing the collar. 

Bush's tear!

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