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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Has Flushed Out The GOP (It Ain't Pretty)

Re-post from Tracy Knauss and his illustration genesis.

Tracy Knauss

THE AGE OF INSANITY IS UPON US — We live in a time when "The Onion" stories are the order of the day. 

You can't make this stuff up. I wondered yesterday, 

"How many stupid people are there in this nation to support the ever growing list of GOP clowns running for president?" 

Obviously a ton of "igits". They are the same people spreading the conspiracy plot in which our president, nearing the end of his term, has ordered federal military forces to invade Texas where dissenters will be placed in camps as President Obama declares a state of emergency and assumes a third term as president. NPR had a big story on it this morning. 

The "dumbassing down" of America is now complete. 

Letting the evangelicals take over the school books and state school boards has finally reaped the bad seeds they've sewn. And it isn't pretty. It has helped create the Age of Insanity in America. 

When will this madness end? When we restore Democrats to both houses of Congress and keep the White House, (through the ballot box, not the bullet box) and replace the fascists on the Supreme Court who sleep with the Koch brothers and other billionaires. That's when. And NOT until then.

If you have a few minutes and if you issued the following segment from last nights Rachel Maddow Show, give the segment a viewing. After watching many segments regarding this classic GOP insanity and tin hat paranoia Maddows was the most informative and entertaining.  With this segment, every word coutnts, give it a full viewing.

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