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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jeb Bush: "Misheard Megyn Kelly's Question!"

Jeb Bush says he would clone his brothers invasion of Iraq, and "So would Hillary Clinton." 

It seems Jeb Bush got caught with his pants around his ankles in a very uncompromising positions. Paying to GOP primary vaters.

The red chart bars above point to Jeb's idiocy. Of course, if you are among the red bar voters, you have you may share Jeb's insanity.

Let's do something conservatives literally disdain; let's take a look at data.

"What we know now...."

Estimate are Bush's invasion of Iraq cost the US 2 trillion USD. Other reports indicated Dick Cheney's Halliburton garner $39 billion via no bid war contracts. The National Priorities Project offers an running total counter of the "Cost of Wars."

In 2013, Mother Jones projected the real cost of the Iraq War.

Net outcome of Bush's Iraq War escapades?
One Dead Dictator: Saddam Hussein.

Probable foundation of ISIS!

Some conservative pundits have reported Jeb Bush stats he "misheard" Megyn Kelly's question. How is that excuse any different than Paul Ryan's "Inner City Culture" and "I was inarticulate."

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