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Monday, May 11, 2015

Jeb Bush Says "He Would Have Attacked Iraq, Too!"

“I love my brother, I love my dad,” he told an audience in Chicago in February. “I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions that they had to make. But I am my own man, and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences.”

Seriously? And if that point didn't drill deep into your psyche, try this one as Jeb relates his affinity for the advise of his brother and former US President. 

“If you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him,” Jeb Bush said, the Post reported, citing four anonymous attendees of the meeting.

Candidate Bush cannot escape the horrors of his brothers years in the Oval Office, so what does he do? He feigns cloning!

During his campaign to appeal to Right wing voters,  he does what any insane person would do, he reaches to appeal to those voters with a moniker that the rest of the nation hold in contempt. He dare not reiterate (deploy) these incantations, to appeal to the rest of the nation should he win GOP nomination in 2016.

Recall he is vying for the nomination against at least 20 other GOP candidates. Why not grab the following sentiment to win in the primaries.

Gallup February 2008

You can see his strategy, with all due risks, and why he will have to answer for his rhetoric should he win the nomination. 

Let's drill down a bit, on the absolute folly of Jeb Bush's strategy. Is he so closeted by love of brother that he has ignored irrefutable data contrary to his beliefs? Or, is he simply politicking? While I strongly suspect the latter, I also recognize the denseness of conservatives and their lack of exposure to credible media; he might be showing sings of a "closet syndrome."

Yesterday, Bush joined the Sunday morning news parade and stepped clearly outside the realm of sanity. He actually used the words "Intelligence they had...." He completely ignores clear evidence the INTEL was faked, and used to manipulate the free world (especially the American public).

In 2004, multiple media reported on a former Treasury Secretary's comment about Bush/Cheney intentions in Iraq.

CNN Politics
O'Neill: Bush planned Iraq invasion before 9/11In new book, ex-Treasury secretary criticizes administrationWednesday, January 14, 2004 Posted: 2:12 AM EST (0712 GMT)
(CNN) -- The Bush administration began planning to use U.S. troops to invade Iraq within days after the former Texas governor entered the White House three years ago, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told CBS News' 60 Minutes.
How about a lie filled timeline of Bush's march into Iraq.

Mother Jones
Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq
Mushroom clouds, duct tape, Judy Miller, Curveball. Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for invasion.       By Jonathan Stein and Tim Dickinson| September/October 2006 Issue

Granted, conservatives probably place no faith in the reports posted above. Nonetheless, Jeb is vying for President of the United States. He has to know in full detail the extent to which his brother. Dick Cheney and cabal lied the US towards a second middle eastern war.

Primary campaign or not, Jeb really must come-up with much more viable comments about his brother and the Bush Years horrors that blanketed the nation.

Is it possible Jeb fails to recognize the point of this meme?

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