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Friday, May 15, 2015

Jebolution? "I misheard"; "I misinterpreted"... OK, OK Here Is The Answer (Jon Stewart video)

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When will the United States evolve to a point George W. Bush is no longer a drag on our lives: our psyche, our politics, or our economic well being?  As long as there is a Bush in our pubic life, the drag will continue. Jeb Bush is the latest Bush reincarnation and he is tracking along lines of expectations for millions across the nation. Jeb Bush's "week in hell" commenced with effort to run interference and cover for his brother. 

Megyn Kelly's question to Bush was as clear as the aftermath of the Iraq War: NO WMD! His claim of mishearing was outright ludicrous and reminds of another episode of Rand Paul-Orama. After four different and twisted iterations in support of his brother, the would be candidate final "Etch-A-Sketched" to an answer the US public can find credible. The public may find the answer credible, but high information voters know Bush is simply lying while showing an amazing level of elitist loyalty to a failed president.  

Before the promised Jon Stewart segment, lets take a close look at the Bush "Etch-A-Sketch." 

Comedy Central...

Jeb Bush....."Was That So Hard?"  Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.

The nation really must work to exorcise the Bush family from US politics Jeb Bush is showing why with glaring colors and unsurprising idiocy accompanied by lies.

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