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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jeff Carlson: The Party of Scrooge


Last month, nearly every Republican in the US Senate voted on a budget amendment allowing states to seize public lands, which means every National Forest in the country would be subject to the whims of state lawmakers who could authorize the selling of these lands to private industries for exploitation.

The amendment, known as SA 838, was introduced by Alaska GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski. And it sailed through the Senate by a 51-49 vote with all but three Republicans in favor while every Democrat voted against it. A rival bill that would stop the effort to sell public lands was prevented from coming up for a vote.

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The more you see how the Republicans Govern, the more you realize they cannot. In fact they should be run out of Office. They would destroy this country all for short term Profits.

Right Wing Ideology: “Profits before People and who cares about the Future”

Jeff --- 2015

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