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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pataki Declares: Longshot With a KXL and Troop On The Ground Against ISIS

Pataki announces and the clown show grows....

While some have labelled the formnr New York Governor a socially progress Republican, it should also be noted he is a proponent of the KXL Pipeline and he has recently advocated troops on the ground against ISIS.

What follows is an excerpt from a 2012 TPI piece posted just before the November General elections. George "Keystone XL Pipeline" Pataki, offered a camera and microphone by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to spew "consulting fee" rhetoric about KXL.

As the principle consultant spoke, he knew of the Cornell University study which directly refuted his "jobs' claims. 


The Associated Press is reporting the US is experiencing record oil production, and the climb the top was not started in a Republican administration. 

Driven by high prices and new drilling methods, U.S. production of crude and other liquid hydrocarbons is on track to rise 7 percent this year to an average of 10.9 million barrels per day. This will be the fourth straight year of crude increases and the biggest single-year gain since 1951.
It is a shame many voters are 'information deprived". People who are uninformed are fertile ground for GOP mantra and rhetoric. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell recently interviewed former New York State Governor Pataki during a post debate wrap-up from the debate floor. Pataki actually threw a major lie across the broadcast airways and went unchallenged by O'Donnell. Pataki stated he could not understand why Obama did not approve the Keystone Pipeline. He stated, the project would create 60,000 jobs. The one thing I notice about "attack dog" Pataki, he is a liar comparable to Mitt Romney. Pataki and GOP campaign handlers know credible studies have analyzed the project. As a comprehensive project, It will generate many more very temporary jobs than sustainable jobs, and the figure falls way she off Pataki's 60,000 lie. As a Principal in the lobbying firm Pataki and Cahill Group, Pataki knows the industry and all details related to the pipeline. His bold lie causes a bit of contemplation about the prospects he could gain from approval of the Pipeline.

A Cornell University study placed the jobs number at a fraction of the number stated by Pataki after the debate. O'Donnell also knows Pataki was lying for affect, why not challenge the lie? 

Is there no end to GOP Lies and misrepresentations? The following niece from AOL's Daily Finance, might help in educating a few voters. he US is a world leader in oil production and that strides have come about under the Obama watch.

AOL Linked here.

It really is pathetic when  1% (er) like Pataki is invited on camera and allowed to spew a lie related to energy when he earns income form the industry.   In addition to his status as a high level surrogate for the GOP, how facilitation would it be for his firm to have Romney in the White House?

GOP mantra and self-serving greed is possible only via the minds of people who are veritable sycophants.  They feel conservative America can do no wrong when, in actuality,  the GOP doing nothing for the nation beyond enriching its upper crust 1 % (ers).

While the Obama administration quietly moves the nation away from dependence on foreign oil, the GOP can only practice inaccurate rhetoric for sake of winning elections.

A far back as 2012, Pataki also knew this: Trans Canada CEO concedes permanent jobs at KXL well less than 60 total.  Pataki stated 60,000 jobs to O'Donnell in 2012.  

On the Issues Dot Org... a review of Pataki with citations links. The ultimate conservative ideologue and seeming fertile ground for Koch dark money: Linked

KXLH Dot Com

By Jeremy Diamond CNN
(CNN) -- Former Gov. George Pataki, who is expected to launch a presidential bid next week, said Wednesday the U.S. should deploy troops to Iraq to fight ISIS.
Pataki, a New York Republican, insisted that a deployment of U.S. combat troops would be a limited mission unlike the 2003 American invasion of Iraq -- a war then-President George W. Bush had insisted would be short-lived.
"I don't want to see us putting in a million soldiers, spend 10 years, a trillion dollars, trying to create a democracy where one hasn't existed," Pataki said Wednesday on CNN's "New Day. "But send in troops, destroy their training centers, destroy their recruitment centers, destroy the area where they are looking to plan to attack us here and then get out."
Pataki added that while Americans may be wary of sending troops back into combat the fight against ISIS "is our war."

It is also important to note, Pataki started his declaration to run with proud menton of Ronald Reagan. 

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