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Monday, May 18, 2015

Philadelphia Train Crash Due to "Gayness Factor"

While running through a few headlines over the weekend, I ran into the usual right wing bigotry from Fox News as feed to its viewers. I also ran across yet another example of white privilege, or the perception of such via a business owner, that illustrates a metastasized example of conservative racism. A couple of items from Crooks And Liars stand out as noteworthy in it level of shamefulness.

Sandy Rios On Train Crash: Engineer's Gayness A 'Factor'

Hmm. Since we're playing make-believe and all, let's suppose the engineer was a fundamentalist, God-fearing Christian and was so worried about a gay couple being on his train that he COULDN'T EVEN THINK STRAIGHT. Could we blame Jesus? Amateur train derailment investigator and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios told radio show audience today that the engineer…

Florida Pub Owner Aims Gun At Black Couple, Hurls Racial Slurs: 'I'll Shoot You. It's Legal'

A pub owner in Orlando, Florida, was arrested last weekend after holding a young black couple at gunpoint while hurling racist comments and threatening to shoot them, according to police records. Kim Bruns, 51, who owns the Orlando George & Dragon British Pub, denies the charges and explains that she knows black people and she's totally…

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