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Saturday, May 30, 2015

UPDATE: Phoenix Anti-MUslim Protest Ends With Angry Displays Of BIgotry

Anti-Muslim protestor  

Last week I stumbled into part of this CNN segment. When the segment ended, I thought abut the depths to which bigotry and hatred emanates from many Americans.  

THe AC360 segment runs just over five minutes, but a revealing glimpse into wanton hatred and irrational paranoia.  And, I wonder, if the planned protest would draw a crowd.

It drew a crowd in an open carry state that included people wearing military gear, Swastikas, bikers and counter protesters.

Imagine If Muslims Surrounded A Christian Church In The US With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time

Imagine for a moment if the following aggressive behavior happened outside of a Christian Church. Substitute the words "Christian" with "Muslim." A totally not scary looking Anti-Muslim protestor Outside of a Phoenix mosque on Friday to interrupt prayer time, protesters gathered wearing "Fuck Islam" t-shirts gathered. The group's organizer urged protesters to carry guns, and many…

Counter protesters

As a Human Rights Activist and Christian I stand against all hate and Affliction!
Posted by One World Voice on Saturday, May 30, 2015

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