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Saturday, May 9, 2015

San Francisco: City Cop And Extreme Racist Text Messages

As I have stated many times, the problem with Police abuse of power and the increasing killing of  unarmed citizens is a problem inherent in law enforcement hiring. The problem is not training and it is not a problem to be alleviated "community street patrols." We are fooling ourselves comparable to George Bush and Dick Cheney WMD if we seek the way and wrong route to slowing police abuse.

The very liberal city of San Francisco is the latest American city with revelations of overt racist patrolling streets while hating African-Americans.

The Mediaite piece is a quick read with a CNN two minute video.  Racist to the extent exercised by the uncloaked cop doesn't have to be a long read.  

San Francisco Police Under Investigation for Blatantly Racist Text Messages

An independent task force, including three retired judges, has launched an investigation into San Francisco’s police department after the discovery of really, really, really, really, really racist text messages sent between 14 officers.

“When a police officer engages in misconduct, there are significant implications for public safety and for the public trust, particularly in our minority communities,” District Attorney Gordon Gascon said in a press conference yesterday announcing the probe. “And we must do everything that we can to restore that trust.”

The results of the investigation, meant to determine whether there was a “deeper culture of bias” in the department, could invalidate many of the 3,000 cases the officers worked on in the past decade. According to CNN, African-Americans comprise only 5% of San Francisco’s population, but nearly half of the city’s prison population. If necessary, the inquiry could expand beyond the actions of the 14 cops, already accused of saying some pretty vile things.

For instance, here are the texts of Sgt. Ian Furminger, a cop convicted of taking personal belongings from drug search subjects, and whose actions prompted the entire review. Per CNN:

In one text, according to the government’s motion, a correspondent asks Furminger if he celebrates Kwanzaa, the December holiday honoring African culture. He responds, “Yeah we burn the cross on the field! Then we celebrate Whitemas,” according to the motion.
In another text, Furminger exchanged text messages with another San Francisco [sic]police officer about a black man married to a friend of his wife. The couple was visiting their home at the time.
“Get ur pocket gun. Keep it available in case the monkey returns to his roots,” the unnamed police officer texted Furminger, according to the government motion. “Its [sic] not against the law to put an animal down.”
“Well said!” the government says Furminger replied.
Furminger also allegedly called another officer a “f-g,” called a black officer a “f—–n n—-r,” according to CNN affiliate KPIX, and made derogatory comments about Mexicans and Filipinos.

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Now, for the reality of US racism. The Internet and social media provide the perfect conduit for exercise of one's racism. The post above, as stated, is a re post for the Mediaite web page. Take a look at two comments replete with Facebook "LIKES".

  • NAME DELETED those screaming Black power and black lives matter are chanting racist chants.....good to know. Time for folks to start suing
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  • NAME DELETED: Is black power racist too?
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One last point.  Do you think any person who commented on the post VOTES BLUE?

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