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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Texas, Governor Abbott, GOP Tin Hat Paranoia!

Image result for pearl harbor attackImage result for sputnikIn January 2009, a historic phenomenon set upon the United States.  While the phenomenon commenced in early November the previous year, let there be no mistake The Other's actual inauguration tot he Oval Office and The US Presidency induced a paradigm shattering tsunami unrealized since The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or the successful launch and orbit of the Soviet Union's Sputnik craft n the late 1950s. 
Let there be no mistake the mindset shattering election of Barack H. Obama has scant parallel in our history, The Other Cometh!  

Image result for obamaImage result for obamaIt does matter that the nation's 43rd President shepherded the start of US economy healing. It doesn't matter he eventually rid the world of a premier wealthy terror sponsor of international terror. Moreover, it doesn't matter he was eventually re-elected against a far more sane candidate than the erratic (war mongering) John MCCain and his anvil vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. What matters to millions is the overt fat the man (Obama) is well outside the realm of an acceptable leader of our nation. He is so different!   He doesn't act like a US President. He is not "presidential."

Oh... the president just doesn't do that!

While President Obama has cast and reshaped an avant garde mold regarding the US presidency (along with numerous accomplishments..Milt Shook) , some still hate and espouse tin hat dogma. 

The epitome of tin hat dogma has oozed from the zany confines of Far Right AM radio and conservative websites. Mainstream politicians (most associated with the State of Texas) have taken up megaphone-like rhetoric regarding a military preparedness exercise. Beyond the rhetoric the newly elected governor of the state has actually order Taxes National Guard to monitor the exercises.  

Both images (above and below) are copies of original pages of the DOD Jade Helm 15 exercise requests document (pdf).

Image via Gawker
Despite military history of coordinated exercises throughout modern US history and despite the need for a viable and effective military, the Texas Governor took steps common to Right-wing aversion to "The Other." He followed the conspiracy theorist down a path litter with tin hats and tin hat carnival barkers

CNN reported on presidential candidate Ted Cruz's complicity and support for the tin hat scare.
Abbott ordered the guard to "monitor" the eight week-long exercise which begins in July and ends in September, across seven states. In Texas, Utah and New Mexico most of the training will take place on private land. In Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, much of it will take place on military installations.
The Daily Mail UK published a piece related to Jade Helm 15 that is worth a read.

If can imagine a state governor who deploys National Guard monitors against a Dept of Defense exercise, you might have a conservative vein that needs a flush starting in the from of a Lobotomy.

Be careful about GOP governance, the GOP is not the party of old.  It is a party filled with quack extremist who consistently exhibit a propensity for behavior that could lead to dire social unrest.  

Additional Talking Point Muckraker: Linked

The "Other" Cometh!!!!

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