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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Blue Route: The Pauls (Doctors All And Chameleon Politics)

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The Blue Route

Rand Paul Is Running From The Truth
April 7, 2015 | Posted by: Maeby Gever

Rand Running Blue Route

Republican Senator Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination in a made for television production from Louisville, Kentucky. Rand Paul is running from the truth and from a career of misinformation, subterfuge, and lies. Remember, it was Senator Paul who has been repeatedly caught plagiarizing speeches, and it is Senator Paul who has proudly supported the utility of “misinformation.” It is also Senator Paul and his father, former Congressman Ron Paul, who are inextricably tied to the John Birch Society, the Koch Brothers, and the Libertarian Party.

Was it Senator Paul or was it Doctor Paul, the privileged son of a long time United States Congressman proclaiming that:

“We’ve come to take our country back from the special interests who use Washington as their personal piggy bank?“

Which version of Senator Paul was it who justified his run for President, to, among other things:

“Return to a Government restrained by the Constitution?”

And one of the ways to restrain our Government with the Constitution is by changing the Constitution, which would be required in order to accomplish the call by Senator Paul to have term limits for Congress. What Senator Paul did not say in his speech is that the idea of term limits for Congress is a Koch Brothers and a Cato Institute (the Koch created Libertarian think tank) idea, dating back some 25 years. And the real purpose of Congressional term limits is to create so-called “citizen legislators” who are not career politicians schooled in the ways of the legislative process, and who are more easily controlled by the corporate money that dominates our government today at every level.

Candidate Paul, in his rollout speech, spoke about creating economic freedom zones in places like Detroit, Michigan which would basically allow big businesses to swoop in, set up business in abandoned buildings and pay no taxes, while importing highly skilled workers from outside of Michigan to further gentrify downtown Detroit. He proposed bringing back manufacturing jobs to America by lowering the corporate tax rate which sounds nice, but as long as multi national corporations can they will continue to ship our jobs overseas. This would result in all too few new jobs here at home, while exploding government budget deficits everywhere.

Paul also spoke about school choice. This is a favorite Koch Brothers, John Birch Society, right-wing code phrase for the continued and final destruction of our public schools by giving public tax money in the form of school vouchers.

Rand Paul speaks about liberty, but for him the concept seems limited only to allowing the strongest and the wealthiest to take advantage of the weak, our poorer citizens, by allowing the strong to do as they please without Government regulation. As it was said by Thrasymachus to Socrates;
“Justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger”.
The mantra of “smaller government” is Koch and John Birch Society code for the complete destruction of the Federal Government, so that it does not tax, regulate, or provide any services to the real American people. This is how the already strong, such as the Koch Brothers, along with Senator Rand Paul, and his father, Doctor Ron Paul/Congressman, grow even stronger, taking further advantage of the real American people they allegedly serve.

There were also references by Senator Paul in his presidential announcement which were blatant attempts to straddle both sides of issues attempting to carve out a place that is palatable to both the far left and the far right. Paul spoke of a vision for an even larger and stronger US military, while also vowing to stay out of nation building abroad, and while also cutting aid to foreign nations. These are positions that cannot exist in the reality of our politics today. And if our military continues to grow at the rate Senator Paul and the GOP desires while also continuing to cut taxes, the budget for programs for helping people would shrink to practically nothing.

The Senator also flat-out lied about the NSA surveillance programs blaming them on President Obama, when this behemoth program was authorized and created by the Bush/Cheney Administration, and it has been continuously reauthorized by Congress since then. And, of course, previous versions of Rand Paul have not called for the elimination of the NSA, just reigning it in. However, when he had the opportunity to vote for a bill that would have done just that, Senator Paul helped to kill the bill.

In the world of Senator Paul, liberty is a concept that often doesn’t get extended to everyone. Notice too that closing the wealth gap does not extend to certain issues. Paul said nothing in his Presidential announcement about the equal right to marry, and nothing on the right to abortion. Not a word was said about immigration reform, which he opposes, or does he? One can never be sure where he truly stands when Senator Paul is speaking. And not a single reference was made to the Republican favorite issue of elections past, the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, which Senator Paul has vowed to repeal in its entirety, but possibly not in Kentucky where his constituents seem to like it.

While Paul supports the Federal Government not opposing the use of medical marijuana in the states that have legalized it, he is against the legalization of recreational marijuana, yet still against prison terms for non violent minor drug offenses. It certainly seems that Senator Paul wants to be on both sides of almost every issue at the same time. If you really do want to allow states to legalize medical marijuana and you really do want to stop the practice of incarcerating millions of young people who are disproportionately of color, why wouldn’t you also want to take it a step further and simply decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana?

Many of the positions of Senator Paul are problematic on many levels. If you claim to be a lover of liberty and against Government intervention into the private lives of people, wouldn’t that also include extending that privilege to adult individuals allowing them the freedom to legally enjoy themselves in the privacy of their own homes as do the states of Washington, Colorado, and the District of Columbia have? Senator Paul, who demeans the “nanny state” and who speaks about less Federal Government intrusion into our lives, has no problem intruding into the private affairs of people, whenever he, now Senator Paul, and if, god forbid, he were to become President Paul, sees fit.

When it comes to LGBT rights, Senator Paul has said that he does not believe in such thing called “gay rights.” And his support for discrimination goes back to his college days at Baylor University, when he sent in a letter to the school’s newspaper, the Lariat, opposing laws that are designed to prevent discrimination because those laws:
“Ignores one of the basic, inalienable rights of man—the right to discriminate.”
Of course we know that Paul is against same-sex marriage, supporting only traditional marriage and that he is offended by same-sex marriage. This is the exact same reasoning used by right-wing religious bigots in the states of Indiana, Arkansas, and North Dakota where the right to legally discriminate against others is shrouded in the guise of religious freedom. Once again, Senator Paul falsely claims his love for liberty, while using the power of Government to deny certain people basic rights to personal privacy and association that are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

It isn’t just Rand Paul’s history of supporting the inalienable right to discriminate as written in his letters from 1981 that puts into question his claimed love for liberty and the Constitution. Doctor Paul has often played fast and loose with his stance of personally opposing discrimination while still opposing the Civil Rights Acts of 1965, yet confirming that he does not believe Government has the right to tell private businesses not to discriminate against certain customers. Apparently the freedom of private businesses to hate and discriminate trumps the freedom of certain people to spend their money at all businesses open to the public. These are positions carried forward by the John Birch Society and the Koch family which birthed the Libertarian Party and the front that is the Tea Party of today.

Doctor Paul proudly proclaimed in his television announcement that he was running for President because:
“We need to boldly go forth under the banner of liberty clutching the Constitution in one hand and the Bill of Rights in the other.”
This pronouncement by Rand Paul symbolizes both his lack of candor and his failure to understand the most basic aspects of America and our governing document. Because those first Ten Amendments that we cherish as “The Bill of Rights” are contained within the Constitution of the United States. One only needs a single hand to wave both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That statement shows us once again that Rand Paul is running from the truth, either because he doesn’t understand it or he just doesn’t care. And you can bet that the hand that Senator Paul isn’t waving with will be firmly in our pockets picking them once again on behalf of his handlers, Charles and David Koch.

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