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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sad State Of US Conservatism And Its Impact On Military Readiness

What follows from TPMLIVE exemplifies the sad state of our national psyche. The piece reports on a conservative poling authorities, Rassmusen's, polling results after early May poll among 1,000 "likely voters. 

While the results to do not an overwhelming aversion to Military exercises in home states, it does point to a paranoia that I can only label "dangerous." Where should the U military prepare for events that could manifest across the globe on a moments notice? What happens when the US military finds it is ill prepared for a contingency based on a case of 'real life' planning and related exercises? Is it possible US adversaries like China and Russia meet similar resistance hat is solely based in political expedience?

Allow me to answer the last question.  These people pictured in this town hall meeting would be up in arms about the nation's failure to meet the challenge:

Apparently, one meeting attendee longs for times with George W. Bush. Nice crowd, eh?

The Rasmussen story is embed in the following piece from TPMLIVE.


Americans Can't Make Up Their Damn Minds About A Possible Military Takeover


The following represents a Requiem for the Mental Stability in the State of Texas...among conservatives that is).

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