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Wednesday, May 6, 2015



You know The Progressive Influence position on the word. Yes, it is without question the new "N" word and the word has infiltrated across the full scope of conservative America and, frankly, has weeded in moderate and progressive America.

If you live in America (and any nation that broadcast international news) you have seen these images.

15 Jun 2011, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada --- June 15, 2011 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Violence broke out Wednesday evening following the Vancouver Canucks' defeat to the Boston Bruins in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Cars were set on fire and shops were looted following the ice hockey team's 4-0 defeat to the Boston Bruins. --- Image by ? Sergei Bachlakov/ZUMA Press/Corbis    

   Embedded image permalinkThugs? Never heard the word once!  

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Huntington Beach, CA
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Louisville, KY
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Never once heard the word: "THUG!" 

On April 10, Huffington Post published a definitive infographic regarding US riots. The graphic illustrates the state of US riots are more often the result of drunkenness than race or other factors. It should be noted the drunkenness is almost exclusively inherent in college campus riots.  Riots that have to this day never carried the word "THUG" for is participants. 

That's according to an infographic published by Clarity Way drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and republished here with permission. The outlet may have an interest in getting people to stop being "drunken idiots," but the trend of college parties turning into riots is one HuffPost has noted before
At the top of the list, the University of California-Santa Barbara "Deltopia" celebration in 2014 was named the most out of control, involving 15,000 people. During that incident, KPCC reported there were at least 100 arrests and 44 injuries.
adrienne erin

The infographic notes the 1962 University of Mississippi riot involving close to 3,000 people, where two people died as segregationists protested against allowing one black student at the public institution. Thousands were involved in 1960's Berkeley riots, mostly University of California students, including one incident in 1969 that included around 4,000 people and grew out of a demonstration about the Arab–Israeli conflict.
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As ugly as it gets! We don't see any peppery spray, no tears gas, no national guard (militia) and no local cops with the words "animals" and "thugs." We hear "disgruntled college students", we hear "revelers", and we hear Angry student mobs. But, we do not hear the "T" Word!

During the recent unrest in Baltimore Maryland, both the city mayor and President Obama used the "T" Word in a clear and direct manner.  Since the word was delivered by the mayor and Obama in the Rose Garden, I have felt both used the word to secure a degree of acceptance or temporary favor from Americans who recognize the word as a form of dog whistle. Frankly, American whites regardless of political ilk. We should rest assured,  if President Obama used the word, he has insight into the level and scope the word has permeated US society. His use of the word was a major disappointment to put it mildly. 

Thug as a moniker is the new "N" Word.  

President Obama aside, the apologetic mayor aside, and those who accept the word aside, no entity advances its use as a racist dog whistle more than US electronic media. Last night, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word, closed his show with a worthwhile exposition about the word "THUG" and US media.

O'Donnell could not have spoken more eloquently.  The President of the United States regardless of incumbent, should never use the word.

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