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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Veterans Support The GOP Despite BackStabbing Policies

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I read this morning today is Armed Forces Appreciation Day. If that is the case this Veteran wants to express deep gratitude for those who served, to those who support those who serve and deep admiration and sorrow for those who lost heroes in service to America. Appreciation for those who served the nation  is counter-balanced with deep resentment for all the bad cards received from the Veterans Administration since my active duty days. Moreover, I harbor a special disdain for all things GOP. The party via its policies are quick to send our troops off to war, but reticent in providing life sustaining aid and benefits once the troops return home.  What a disgusting political party!

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Republicans and their ignorant base have deemed themselves “patriots,” laying claim to all things they consider American by 1777 standards. Guns, the constitution, anything ever said by Thomas Jefferson and the blood, sweat and tears our country was founded on: Veterans.

It’s unfortunate they can’t see just how foolish their claims are. The 2nd amendment wasn’t meant to protect the Junior Miss department at Target from tyranny, you’re not allowed to love the constitution by cherry-picking what suits you and disregarding the rest, and Jefferson would give an 18th century face-palm if he knew how his thoughts were twisted and used out of context.

Claiming our veterans, thanking them incessantly, and declaring how much they care is quite possibly the most obvious of Republican hypocrisies.

These veterans have had enough. An article about one man’s disgust for the party that claims him for political purposes, yet forgets he exists, has spurred a lively discussion showcasing just how veterans in the know feel about the GOP:
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Jim’s words resonate loud and clear with others who have served their country proudly:

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It seems that calling themselves patriots doesn’t quite make it so in the eyes of these veterans. One could argue that these people are Democrats, and therefore less likely to see the true nature of the GOP’s “patriotism.” Perhaps their political ideology makes them biased about the issue.

Or perhaps not:

The Republican Party has changed from the party of fiscal conservatism, smaller government, and checks and balances to the party of corporate interests, screwing the American people, and forgetting the people who served as soon as they no longer qualify as a part of the ever so profitable war machine.

Very few people have come out in the discussion on the behalf of the Republicans. They have to know just how ignorant they would sound defending a platform that has been so pro-vet in voice but no-vet by their actions.

When they do stop by it looks something like this:

Spout the rhetoric, spew the propaganda, repeat the simpleton talking points you’ve been indoctrinated with, without once mentioning the issue at hand.
How typical.

It’s important to note that when asked when and where he served, this good “patriot” disappeared.

If you want to truly thank those who fight and die for our freedom, and more recently for the bottom lines of companies like Haliburton, spread the word:  Vote blue.

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I have even read the GOP is seeking to reduce rettiemtnbeneifts for US Vets. RETIREMENT BENEFITS mind you! That means the veteran served at least 20 years in service to America.

Yet, take a look at how the Veteran votes:

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