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Friday, May 1, 2015

VIDEO Exhibitions on Race (Disparity And A Failure of Fairness)

Let's start with a brief video regarding black and white peers and racism.  

Here’s A Video That Compares Life As A Black And A White Person

CNN International broadcast a revealing 2:00 minute segment regarding economic inequality between white and African-American and Latinos in America.

Whites get wealthier, while Blacks and Hispanics lag further behind

chart racial wealth gaps

The economy in black white-animation.cnnmoney (VIDEO LINK)

5 disturbing stats on black-white inequality
black white divide wealth

25% of Blacks live below the poverty line (VIDEO LINK)

The data does not lie while you may relish in the fact you live a life well beyond the dreams of others, now there is no comfort in poverty. There should be no comfort in knowing there are people in our nation who willnever recieve aevne a modicumof the life youlive. And, in many cases they are victims of s system with no ladder to the top.

Since many of you are viewing this piece in an environment where you might be absconding with a bit of time for which you receive pay (AT WORK! and no on break or lunch time), I will end this piece and revisit the issue in a subsequent piece.

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