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Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Whiteness Gets Nuance In The Media...."

The Raw Story YouTube channel posted a video timely, relevant, important and "point-on." The video is posted below, but first a few words that should shake your comfort level with what you are seeing form abusive cops, facilitate courts, and a quiet Justice Department. 

Anyone in America who continues to refuse to recognize abusive disparate treatment towards African-Americans at the hands of cops, might be a person who will one day look back and say: ".....and we saw it coming with the black people, now look at what they are doing to is all." 

Race is an underlying thread among the more public cases we are witnessing almost weekly.  Power and authority transcends race.  Power is all consuming and aggrandizing; once acquired and rooted it must feed like an unsatiated predator. And, its prey will not always lend to identification via culture, skin color, or economic status.  The exercise of power and abuse that is becoming common place in the black community ,if left unchecked, may one day visit your home, your family, and maybe even you.

Social activist Deray McKessan with CNN's Brian Steltar.

'Whiteness gets nuance in the media and blackness doesn't'


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