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Monday, June 8, 2015

“Black F*ckers” ....."Return To Their Section 8 Housing" .....Mckinney Texas

Whites Only - add Acid
Jim Crow laws proliferated with storm trooper cops to enforce the laws.
OOPs , this one is from South Africa and its heinous Apartheid
Nineteen year old Tatiana Rose, lives in the Mckinney, Texas Craig Ranch neighborhood. Prior to this past weekend Tatiana planned a cookout swim party along with her siblings and went about the business of invitations. Apparently, the hosts invited both white and black teens to the party, without any degree of surprise reports have come forth that obviously "privileged" white woman invited herself over to abolish the revelers.

It seems for some reports the Rose siblings made an egregious mistake. They actually thought they could gather a group of young black friends (and some white friends) for a fun time in America. Moreover, the Roses appear to have planned their fun time at a private residence and not a pubic facility.  
Trouble ensued and local Storm Troopers cops were called the location. Trouble ensued?

Let's start with the police report. The always fair and non embellished document police are required to file after an incident.
Pool Party Incident: 
On June 5, 2015 at approximately 7:15 p.m., officers from the McKinney Police Department responded to a disturbance at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool. The initial call came in as a disturbance involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave. McKinney Police received several additional calls related to this incident advising that juveniles were now actively fighting.
Here is how the incident looked again. The video was shot by a 15 year old white kid. Remember the young teen in the colorful bikini is 14 years of age. Who is the accompanying white guy...neighborhood watch guy, black folks patrol?

The 15 year video guy speaks and he speaks not from a bigoted paradigm or the psyche of American conservatism. 
This is the beauty of hearing truth from children.
Posted by Walter Fields on Monday, June 8, 2015
Ms. Rose speaks.

Before we add deep perspective t the incident, let's take a look and read on the dark side: American Conservos who seek every opportunity to speak in support of the cop no matter the level of abuse. Watch for the word "authority." Imagine a few cases of resistant acquiescence to authority. Imagine the Native American First Nation people (head lowered) in total subservience to (authority) manifest destiny, blood thirst American Union cavalry, or greedy land developers Imagine the Warsaw Ghetto Jews quietly shepherding their brethren into rail cars without a fight.  

Conservo Twitter and friends of Cpl. Eric Casebolt of McKinney Police Department. (courtesy of the Raw Story)

The situation in would not have escalated to what it did, if everyone would have done what they were told to do by authorities.
Hummm. A thug culture of kids without Fathers doesn't understand how to act towards authority. I'm shocked #McKinney— Billy O'Connor (@BillyOConnor18) June 7, 2015

Once again a clip taken out of context to suit the media narrative and to cause more moral outrage
Some visited with the mind altering Fox News 

Y doesn't @FoxNews rpt that the teens were trespassing & disturbing the peace prior to the police arriving or Interview residents? #McKinne
Now for a set of details spread among the articles. If you are seeking that typical quick read and do not have interest f reach of the following visit the piece for The Atlantic.

First, visit with CNN and Ashleigh Banfield. The very Banfield who spoke in quasi defense of a cop in another racially charged shooting only to be rebutted by fellow CNN Host Don Lemon. I suspect Banfield's production team found value in approaching the incident from the perspective of.....

Next Keith Boykin wrote a demand read piece for BET. If you prefer articles with little to no frank speak, you should avoid this Commentary: It's Time for White People to Check Themselves After McKinney Incident

The Grio offers the genesis of the incident.

The piece I highly recommend. Excerpts  from The Atlantic.
In 2009, McKinney was forced to settle a lawsuit alleging that it was blocking the development of affordable housing suitable for tenants with Section 8 vouchers in the more affluent western portion of the city. East of Highway 75, according to the lawsuit, McKinney is 49 percent white; to its west, McKinney is 86 percent white. The plaintiffs alleged that the city and its housing authority were “willing to negotiate for and provide low-income housing units in east McKinney, but not west McKinney, which amounts to illegal racial steering.”
All three of the city’s public pools lie to the east of Highway 75. Craig Ranch, where the pool party took place, lies well to its west. BuzzFeed reports that the fight broke out when an adult woman told the teens to go back to “Section 8 housing.”
Craig Ranch North is the oldest residential portion of a 2,200 acre master-planned community. “The neighborhood is made up of single-family homes,” says the developer’s website, “and includes a community center with two pools, a park and a playground.” Private developments like Craig Ranch now routinely include pools, often paid for by dues to homeowners’ associations, and governed by their rules. But that, in itself, represents a remarkable shift.
At their inception, communal swimming pools were public, egalitarian spaces. Most early public pools in America aimed more for hygiene than relaxation, open on alternate days to men and women. In the North, at least, they served bathers without regard for race. But in the 1920s, as public swimming pools proliferated, they became sites of leisure and recreation. Alarmed at the sight of women and men of different races swimming together, public officials moved to impose rigid segregation.
As African Americans fought for desegregation in the 1950s, public pools became frequent battlefields. In Marshall, Texas, for example, in 1957, a young man backed by the NAACP sued to force the integration of a brand-new swimming pool. When the judge made it clear the city would lose, citizens voted 1,758-89 to have the city sell all of its recreational facilities rather than integrate them. The pool was sold to a local Lions’ Club, which was able to operate it as a whites-only private facility.                                                        
Whatever took place in McKinney on Friday, it occurred against this backdrop of the privatization of once-public facilities, giving residents the expectation of control over who sunbathes or doggie-paddles alongside them. Even if some of the teens were residents, and others possessed valid guest passes, as some insisted they did, the presence of “multiple juveniles…who do not live in the area” clearly triggered alarm. Several adults at the pool reportedly placed calls to the police. And none of the adult residents shown in the video appeared to manifest concern that the police response had gone too far, nor that its violence was disproportionate to the alleged offense.
To the contrary. Someone placed a sign by the pool on Sunday afternoon. It read, simply: “Thank you McKinney Police for keeping us safe.”
Maybe the CNN reporters will comb through the incident overnight and offer much "no racial component in the incident, why the NAACP." evidence. CNN really should leave such reporting to Fox News and the plethora of conservative AM Radio Talk Show Host. The fair and balanced cable network would have preview a a few more video and the comments from young white kid who took the original video before going after the NAACP.  

Of course, I am discounting the penchant for some in the nation to exercise "Privilege." CNN embodies the essence of privilege in this case.

The Color of Change published a piece this afternoon with the following reference material.

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