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Monday, June 15, 2015

Chris Christie Charges Forward With Bridge Cones To Attack Social Security!

What follows is an example of pathetic politicking to the maximum. Chris Christie is attempting to carve a desperate niche in the GOP political landscape via his singular campaign prospect: cutting (or restructuring) Social Security from the current seniors life benefits program.  

A few words regarding the contemptuous GOP "serial" attacks on social security. First, the employee contribution benefit involves lifelong payroll deductions and eligibility as the employee enters their early to mid 60s. Key points:
  • We contribute to the program a a payroll earnings basis with most workers paying the tax for the full 12 months each year.
  • Social Security is a lifeline for people who cannot or do not desire to work into their 70s.
  • Some segments of the population have life actuarial data indicating life ends earlier than other demographics. Example: African-American males have a marked shorter actuarial span than white males and white women. Should the African-American male become a disparate group who contribute until age 68 or 70 and succumb to actuarial facts of (life -cycle) death in the early 70s.
  • How about that prospect of a disparate impact (Non -intentional) of raising the eligibility age that could lead to class action lawsuits based on actuarial death data?
  • The most critical point! Why not just raised the Social security Payroll tax to eliminate the "CAP?" Income earners who earn over $117,000 per year stop paying the tax once their earnings hits $117,000 during any month of the year. ANSWER: That would require special congressional "fix" consideration regarding benefit pays out t high income earns, beyond the current payout structure. And yes it would require a "tax increase" for workers who earn over $117,000 per year.
Christie's campaign niche exemplifies the level of his desperation compliance with Koch brothers hatred of social security programs, and generally fit GOP political ideology like an expensive glove. The New Jersey Governor is hoping his mantra and strategy will catch-on and possibly provide a key as an entry to Koch money while energizing conservative ideologues.   

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