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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CNN Ignores False Story, Removes Video And Sits With Arms Folded

Pictured are the images broadcast on CNN yesterday which the broadcaster claimed were of an ISIS flag

A few days ago and just after the SCOTUS ruled on gay marriage for all 50 states I was caught watching CNN News and guess what took place.  

Wolf Blitzer and others burst into their broadcast with an on-site/remote parade reporter who apparently felt she had scoped a major visual. She thought a gay pride flag was an ISIS flag, and her network took the false story to that ever-present CNN moniker; "BREAKING NEWS." CNN and its "Breaking News" has become both an embarrassment, and a bit of a Chicken Little like purveyor of ratings tricks. 

CNN responded to the false and unprofessional report as follows:

And, the network responded as such without comment or retraction.

Mediaite has published a followup to the CNN SNAFU. The remote reporter has gone zany with a response that baffles the mind.

CNN Reporter Denies Ever Reporting on ISIS Dildo Flag as Network Never Offers Correction

As for the correction, that’s one of the reasons CNN has a media reporter to police this stuff after the fact (Brian Stelter), who instead is too busy playing damage control on cut-and-paste-challenges as it pertains to derogatory direct messages about a 27-year veteran of the network. It’s also the reason why the reporter (Pawle of CNN International) has a Twitter account: Make a mistake, at minimum own up to it in some kind of forum if airtime isn’t readily available. But Ms. Pawle somehow decides that doubling down is the better option here…you know…despite clear audio of her report at the time completely contradicting her.
The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple asked CNN if it would be addressing the issue. The network responded with a stiff, “No.” Not a word out of CNNi’s Managing Director Tony Maddox , either.
Watch the segment again, below via CNN:
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US cable media is a joke. CNN is amassing a full Journalism course on what not to do in the course of professional journalism...when a camera becomes the story.

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