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Friday, June 5, 2015

Duggars, Duggars, Duggars: The Kelly File Continues Its Ratings Bonanza!

19 Excuses and Counting: Every Excuse the Duggars Made for Their Son

The aftermath of the Fox News "smooth-over" interview with the Duggars continues to ebb and flow. Megyn Kelly spent the full extent of last nights The Kelly File on her ratings rich discussion with the Duggars. I am reticent to call the air time an interview as it appear more an opportunity to feed Duggar rationale to conservatives. From broadcasting segments Kelly stated were not part of the initial broadcast to specific offerings of the following from two of the elder son's molestation, Kelly milks the exclusive interview. 

The sadness of it all. Sadness regarding Fox News and its commitment to propping-up and circling the wagons for all things conservative (good and bad). "Sadness" also relates to the reality of Fox News completely ignoring the early reporting of molestation and cover-up story. 
With this level of coverage, why bother with the follow
up interview? Oh, The Pardu and rhetorical questions. 

If Fox chose to avoid reporting on the Duggar family molestation and cover up, shouldn't someone at the network have anticipated not so positive reactions to the "smooth-over" interview? How is it possible Fox News management would have Kelly follow-up on the "exclusive with any degree of astonishment regarding non-friendly network and socially Left observers? Or, is the network simply playing its audience with their well known, We just don't understand people who do not support Fox News aura.

Kelly also spent moderate amounts of time in joining the Duggar in attacking Arkansas authorities who release the sealed records. Apparently, the family and family advisers decided that attacking the release of the case records is far more egregious than the elder son's perversion and subsequent family cover up.  

If you can stomach a bit more of Fox News's exclusive Duggar's show, Kelly is reacting to what appears as a lack of acceptance regarding ;Fox News's efforts to "help out." Eight minutes of Kelly and rationale for the interview follows.

The eight minute segment.

Megyn Kelly speaks out on exclusive interview with Duggars

Fox News's Hasselbeck hosted a panel earlier today. The resultant consensus: Duggar's poor handling of the molestation and the associated ill advised cover up. Linked

The Duggar exclusive and safe interview was provided by Fox News; not surprising. But couldn't Fox News management take a different perspective and approach as negative flak about the interview ensued There is no good in the Duggar story. There is no smooth able rationale for their action post the actual repeatedly molestation. 

The Duggars on at least three points in the interview mentioned "that man." Why didn't Kelly ask for clarification on "that man" Could "that man"be the very personal who is currently serving 54 years in-prison for child pornography? If Kelly sought viewer focused clarification on 'that man', I stand corrected as I may have missed the clarification. Yet, I suspect Kelly did not go there. If the suspicion is grounded in fact, then Kelly and her network provided validation of Fox News management circling the wagons for the Duggars Vs. real news reporting.

Isn't it apropos that Fox News Network would garner a ratings bonanza from past acts of sleazy child intra-family molestation. 

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