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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Duggars, Duggars, Duggars...We Have A Problem!

Duggars Tell Megyn Kelly That Josh Duggar's Molestations Weren't All That Bad

This story just gets sicker and sicker. Not only did the elder Duggars show up for the interview, they dragged along a couple of Josh's victims for the parade, too. Raw Story: Asked why they didn't turn their son in, Jim Bob explained that he was told by a friend that "government programs" were notoriously unsuccessful…

After the Crooks & Liars piece, check out this quick hit via GAWKER.  And people actually tune-in weekly to watch these people "reality: Their way into what is reported to be $40,000 per episode.

"The one thing I know....."  Really, I suspect you know much much more than your perception of God's will.

IF YOU ONLY NEWS explores the mind of the victim in the Duggar clan.  Shameful really. "They can[t do this to us..."  I cannot help but wonder if Josh;s olesttion was accompanied by some degree of complicity.

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