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Thursday, June 4, 2015

UPDATE: Duggars Family: TLC Cash Cow, Fox News Protectorate, And Incestuous Tragedy

Fireshot Screen Capture, video linked below.
19 Excuses and Counting: Every Excuse the Duggars Made for Their Son

Within the week we published a piece related to Fox News's complete and utter avoidance of coverage of the Duggar Family molestation and cover-up. The following graphic depicts a network that is in no way committed to actual news reporting. The Duggar's molestation and cover-up became an item for Fox News shielding from its viewers. 

Is there a message in the graphic?    The question is rhetorical.

Well, we should have anticipated the "powerful" Fox News would cover the story. Any good news network would cover such a nation shattering and conservative values shattering story, correct? Yes, Fox News secured that 'safe' interview with the Duggar Family parents (coverup adults), and fulfill its role as propaganda wagon-circling defense network bar none.  The Duggars avail themselves on the safest of networks on the Earth. Safe from serious probing and scrutiny of serial child molestation from a member of their family who also serve d as an executive at the (of all entities) The Family Research Council.  

Oh,Tony Perkins were art thou? 
Tony Perkins

Anthony Richard "Tony" Perkins is president of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy and lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C. Perkins was previously a police officer and television ... Wikipedia

BornMarch 20, 1963 (age 52), Cleveland, OK

    Oh, wherefore art thou Tony Perkins? 

    Fox News handed The soft interview to its number one "smoother-over" host: Megyn Kelly.  You may recall Kelly her smoother-over role after the University of California-Davis Pepper spray assault on protesters: Students sprayed linked, O'Reilly and Kelly of smooth-over segment linked.   Of course, you recall this: Kelly's "White Santa".  (After a few days off the air, Kelly offered this complete idiotic and lie laced explanation. She claimed she was kidding and offering tongue in cheek humor for kids. Santa aged kids actually watch The Kelly File? Kids up at 10:00PM EST and allowed to watch Fox News!

    Here is Kelly's soft interview and in a roundabout way, legal defense-like advertisement for the Duggars. In addition to what came across as dunce talk for Mrs. Duggars, notice Kelly and Jim Bob attack the release of the molestation records to the media. Typical conservative, do not take exception to the act, take action to the fact you found out about the act. 

    Lawrence O'Donnell, The Last Word, post Fox News Duggar interview segment. After watching the O'Donnell segment, I am hopeful MSNBC after a few hours of analyzing and critique will develop a segment regarding the interview offer more in depth critique of the Kelly File soft interview.

    If Fox News management knew of Josh Duggar's molestation and reported as depicted in the graphic above, should anyone experience surprise the network would run with a ratings garnering smooth-over interview. 

    CNN real time analysis via AC360.

    Analysis continues.  For me, the interview was typical conservative news 'smoothing-over' of conservative hypocrisy following a full week of shielding the story from its viewers; reporting indicative of a propaganda machine Vs. a news network.

    Salon published a piece this morning that is over-the-top entertaining: Salon

    And, GAWKER simply nailed their analysis of the Fox News Smooth-over."

    A must read the proper analogy and more insane drivel from Palin.  She may to even know that her GOP Senators to the person voted against a recent Vets benefit bill.

    Wait. What? Huh?
    Posted by The Raw Story on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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