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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dumb Ass Of The Week: One Less Movie Theater Employee To Sell You Popcorn


Freakout Nation comes through with revelation of another child of America who has no perception of US History! If the former employee delineated in the following screed was raised in a tolerant household, had been properly educated ,and if she had grown to full adulthood with less racial animus and self-perception of white privilege, she would have avoided termination and public embarrassment.

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Images: Woman Fired For Racist Twitter Rant After The Church Massacre

After a woman tweeted out racially charged comments following the Charleston, South Carolina massacre, a movie theater chain fired her. Hyley DiBona's Twitter account was either suspended or removed by her. "Don't complain about being a minority and saying whites are the problem when your ancestors chose to come here knowing they would be a minority,"…

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