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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fox Drops Palin (For Now)

Fox New has decided to not renew the contract of Sarah Palin. While the news is no surprise, I will hold on high levels of excitement until after the 2016 General Elections. Fox has run this 'movie' before. Palin is (sadly) a ratings draw for million on the Right. Fox will strive for every viewing eye and brain to fulfill its mission of advancing and uphold Americans conservative agenda. 

Politico reported the contractual separation earlier today.

You may want to get a deep perspective on the "receding" of Palin on Fox News. Five Thirty Eight Blog:


Palin’s net favorability rating (favorable minus unfavorable) among all Americans 1 has dropped more than 40 percentage points, from +18 percentage points to -24 points by mid-2014, according to a local regression. Meanwhile, her net favorability rating among Republicans has declined more than 55 percentage points, from +83 percentage points to +27 points by mid-2013. 
Palin has receded from the national spotlight to the extent that we have very little data since 2012. No live interview poll has asked Americans about her favorable rating in almost a year.

Read more here 

Sarah Palin was a failed addition the 2008 GOP Presidential ticket. The ever erratic John McCain accepted the fact his party would not allow his preferred running mate Joe Lieberman, and probably acquiesced to selection of a woman to offset the earth shattering nomination of Barack Obama as teh nation's first African-American candidate for the US Presidency.

Palin was, but another failed strategy from a political party that exist like an iceberg with failed policies past and future buried below the eyes view.

Whats follows is a YouTube rendition that should have foretold the GOP strategy comparable to an episode of the Three Stooges. It was ever clear that Palin was no more fit for prime-time US politics and was Joe Walsh or Alan West.

Media Matters also captured 10 most notable failed Palin moment on Fox News. The following video slips includes comment that the Obama Administration Stimulus did not stimulate anything.

After 27 months of jobs gains, the  impact of the Stimulus looked like this:

It should be noted the nation is approaching 60 months of jobs gains since the Stimulus was enacted and disturbed. 

The numbers at the bottom of this aged graphic are exponentially greater as of the end on May 2015.  

As stated above, shamefully millions relish the thought of  Palin's oratory and twisted and incoherent logic. She is held in such high esteem by many conservatives, we have little doubt Fox News will re-cycle the half-term governor. 

I continue to predict a Plain stint on "Dancing with the Stars."

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