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Sunday, June 7, 2015

George Will's Wife Works For A GOP Presidential Aspirant?

Demagogue with connections!
Another example of people with mind altering message potential and propaganda opportunity for Fox News and the American Right.

George Will is a baseline demagogue for all things conservative. He is also another who is unapologetic for past support of conservatism en masse as it just about took the nation to nothingness under Cheney/Bush Bush/Cheney.

Crooks & Liars...

George Will's Wife Works For Scott Walker

Eddie Scarry at The Washington Examiner is reporting that George Will's wife is working for Scott Walker: Washington Post conservative columnist George Will has a special connection to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who may seek the Republican presidential nomination. Will disclosed that his wife works for Walker at the bottom of his Post column on Wednesday.…

On another and balanced note, the first time we see,hear or read any remarks form MSNBC's Chris Matthews about his wife's campaign for the US HOUse, rest assured comment will ensue.

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