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Friday, June 26, 2015

Ken Burns Appears On Morning Joe: Nails The Confederate Flag.

Well the past two weeks have been pure hell for conservative America and the GOP. The same period has proven to be redemption of Americans who long for glimpses of a US that foretold the prospect of the good life for all: US like prior to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. 

The world turned against the GOP, after the racist slaughter of nine innocent worshippers in an African-American church by a radical racist. Party tolerance of the Confederate flag as a quasi moniker has worked to expose core values. Once, the killer's alleged manifesto was found to include brandishing the Confederate Flag while similar images depicted the killer burning the American flag. An act of terror despite a denial of such for the Director of the FBI.

Why has it taken a wanton and senseless killing for Americans to turn against a flag that clearly depicted rebellion against established order for many and outright in-your-face defiance of human rights for others? Why has overt racism from increasing numbers of Americans gone unaddressed ad literally ignored to the point of an enabling acquiescence?

A critical contributing factor is GOP manipulation of our psyches via their effective Southern Strategy. When politicians and facilitate media are allowed to manipulate intolerance, fear of the other and aversion to  acceptance of a changing society people follow the dogma. It doesn't take much of a leap to move from a follower to enacting one's twisted beliefs and values.

SLATE'S Daniel Politi authored a must read piece a few days back that includes evidence of a young mind influenced by radicalizing racist. I have heard reports of suspicion Roof may not have written the so-called manifesto. In any case, Roof's use of the Confederate flag and right- wing affinity for the flag is clear evidence of anti-African-American and Anti-civil rights dogma.

Ken Burns, video and documentary historian, echoes the same sentiment. Since, I swore off MSNBC's Morning Joe over three years ago, I did not view the following segment in its entirety. I apologize for my inability to edit out typical Mika and Joe chatter. The Burns segment minutes are worth the time.

Americans should stand against festering and politically expedient policy that divides the nation and contributes to crackpot racist acts.

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