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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rand Paul Shows Extreme Callousness In Going After For A Moment.

Rand "The Opportunist" Paul.

After a tragic murder with race at the core of the massacre, Rand Paul, oozes out of a crack in national sanity to reachout against the "government."  Libertarians are nothing more than conservatives cloaked to avoid the GOP label.

Mediaite Headline....
Rand Paul: ‘Sickness’ of Charleston Shooting ‘Isn’t Going to Be Fixed by Your Govt’

Nor, will it be fixed by Libertarian nut cases, the NRA nor any conservative efforts to slow the assault. The opportunism exhibited by Paul is astounding and as insensitive as saying he was happy not to be in Baltimore when cops facilitated the death of Freddie Grey. Why not open mouth and provide oratory regarding the common denominator and root cause of the murders: race? Rand Paul was raised by a seething racist. How about a comment from Paul "The Younger" regarding the racism that also led to the murders?

The GOP Presidential candidate goes "off topic" to challenge President Obama's remarks this morning. How about the insensitivity and the gall?

PicMonkey Collage - Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul was speaking at a conference with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, where he went off topic to comment on the massacre at Charleston earlier last night. Paul’s statements come as a counterpoint to President Obama‘s earlier call for gun control, saying “there’s a sickness, there’s something terribly wrong, but it isn’t going to be fixed by your government.”

“What kind of person goes into church and shoots nine people?” Paul asked the conference. The 2016 GOP hopeful went on to say that the solution to curbing violence was in acknowledging the limitations of the government, and keeping track of people who do not understand “where salvation comes from.”
“Can government save you? Can government be the be-all end-all,” Paul continued. “The reason I ask is that I meet with pastors, and they’re looking at government for the answers. I look back at them and I say, ‘I’m looking at you for help.'” 
Paul concluded the segment by talking about how the government has let him down in the past in the same way that gun control has let down the victims of violent crimes. Paul said that America’s founders had understood that “liberty without virtue” was impossible, but believes that that perspective has been lost amongst Americans recently.
You can watch the segment of Paul’s speech here, via C-Span:
Linked video
Rand Paul Sickness of Charleston Shooting Isnt Going To Be Fixed By Your Govt

Does Rand Paul not have any regard for the government be a government for all, including himself?

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