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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy: A Tribute From Jon S. Randal

 Jon S. Randal

When I write my little "tributes," it is because I read something inspiring about these individuals, past and present. I liked the message they were trying to present, I admired a certain deed (or many deeds) they performed, or I just saw something in their lives that I felt would benefit others.

I've written about many great people in the past, and it has been pointed out to me many times that some of these people made mistakes, or had weaknesses or flaws in their character. I understand that, but I also understand these people are, after all, human, and, as humans we all have made our mistakes, we all have weaknesses that we try to overcome.

I think everyone that I have written about, someone out there can google and find something negative in their lives, even the people I admire the most, such as Dr. Seuss, Dr. King, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, etc., etc. (except for probably Mister Rogers, so don't anyone ruin my perception of him, lol.)

Which brings me to the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, two people I've admired for a long time and whose words and actions I have posted about many times here on fb. Growing up, I heard a lot about them, then I started reading about them. I was probably closer to Robert because he was younger. I've admired him for his courage, I've admired him for his words, and I've admired him for his promise.

I've listened to and re-read his speeches when Dr. King was assassinated, his messages on violence and injustice, and his ideas on what America could be, should be. I have heard rumors about, which have never been proven, and I know he has made his mistakes. But, I still think he would have made a great President, I think he would have ended the war in Vietnam, I think he would have improved race relations, and I think he would have inspired us to treat each other with more compassion, more respect, and more kindness.

You can always argue with me, but, in the end, we will never know. He was never given the opportunity to prove himself, he was never given the chance to continue to grow as a person, as a public servant, as a leader. And, we were never given the chance to get to know him better. With that said, I will continue to post his words as well as the words of others I admire, when I feel the message is still relevant, when I believe it can help someone, when I know those words still inspire.

As you can tell, I love words, and if someone can express or say things better than I am able to, I will post those words. Robert F. Kennedy is still a hero of mine, he was not perfect, but he was human, and his words continue to have meaning today, as well as his hopes and his dreams for humanity. Robert F. Kennedy was born on November 20, 1925, and he died on June 6, 1968.

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